Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

Recently, Milady failed to exceed $0.0000004, resulting in a price recall. However, with the overall improvement of the situation, LADYS is once again starting to rise. LADYS found support at $0.00000020 and after a consolidation on this level, the price of LADYS increased. The coin’s price faces resistance at $0.0000003. If Milady breaks her first resistance, the probability of LADYS exceeding $0.00000040 will increase again.

Technically, Miladys coin is bullish and the trading recommendation
is to buy.

Milady Meme Coin Price Predictions 2024-2030 (Aggregate)

  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2024: $0.000000498
  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2026: $0.000000876
  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2027: $0.00000102
  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2028: $0.00000132
  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2029: $0.00000181
  • Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction 2030: $0.00000317
  • Milady Meme Coin: Key Information

    Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) is a meme coin inspired by the Milady NFT collection. It serves as a token for karma, charm, beauty, and influence. LADYS is not associated with Charlotte Fang or her creation Milady

    Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction: Tokenomics

    Total Offer: 888,000,888,000,888


    • Token Liquidity Pool (LP): 94% of the tokens were sent to the liquidity pool (LP). These LP tokens have been burned, meaning that they have been permanently removed from circulation
    • .

    • Airdropped token: 1% of the offer was distributed to all $PEPE and Milady NFT holders. This means that the holders of $PEPE and Milady NFT have received a certain allocation of the tokens as an
    • airdrop.

    • Token in a multi-sig wallet: The remaining 5% of the offer, not distributed through LP or airdrop, was held in a multi-sig wallet. These tokens are reserved for future use in centralized stock market quotes, bridges and liquidity pools
    • .

    Milady Meme Coin Price Prediction: Is It a Good Investment?

    Milady Maker NFTs have recently attracted attention in the crypto community. The collection features a retro Windows 3.0 aesthetic and nostalgic themes from the 90s. It’s part of Hologram Labs and Blur Blend trading, probably due to connections between influential figures in
    the NFT space.

    Miladys Token is a poor case for investment but offers high-risk trading opportunities.

    How to Buy Milady Meme Coin

    • OKX Dex
    • Bybit
    • Gate
    • Huobi
    • Bitget
    • MEXC
    • Kucoin
    • V2 (ERC20)
    • V3 (ARB)

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