Zilliqa: Will it reach 1 dollar?

Zilliqa is a unique blockchain platform that emphasizes scalability through sharding, which divides its infrastructure into multiple interconnected blockchains. Its proprietary programming language, Scilla, makes it easy to create and release customizable Dapps. The platform can process 2,828 transactions per second and has more than 6.4 million transactions on 2,400 nodes. Within its ecosystem, Zilliqa supports numerous projects in DeFi, NFT, gaming, and more. In addition, the recent strategic alliance with Google Cloud, which will act as the Staked Seed Node operator, will increase Zilliqa’s Web3 infrastructure and capabilities

Zilliqa and the Price of $1

To reach 1 dollar, Zilliqa would have to increase 27 times.

Performance Record: In 2023, despite the overall improvement of the cryptocurrency market, Zilliqa failed to capitalize and is below average. Even though ZIL is differentiated to a certain extent, it doesn’t have the pioneer advantage

Market Capitalization Requirement: At $1, Zilliqa will have a market capitalization of $17.3 billion. This is the combined market value of Solana and Cardano. If Zilliqa were to increase by 25% every year, it would take 15 years
to reach $1.

Zillqa’s most optimistic forecast is to reach $0.4 in 7 years. Overall, nothing in the data indicates that Zilliqa will reach $1. If the ecosystem grows faster and there is a burn of about 50% of the Tokens, $1 is more likely than not

Despite the growth potential, investing in Zilliqa involves risks. It is important to evaluate the situation carefully and consider both positive and negative aspects before making an investment decision.

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