Pikamoon Price Predictions 2024-2030: is it a good investment?

Pikamoon was listed on March 22 and is now tradable on Bitget, MEXC, and Uniswap. During the last presale, the price was $0.0006. Currently, there are 5,269 Pikamoon holders with a total of 26,453 transactions. The average retail possession is $944. In addition, the equivalent of $160,000 worth of $PIKA has already been burned since inception

Specific Target Analysis: Will Pikamoon Reach $1?

To reach a value of $1, Pikamoon must increase its value 299 times.

If Pikamoon were to grow by 25% per year, it would take about 26 years
to reach that threshold.

Is Pikamoon a Good Investment?

Pikamoon is creating a cutting-edge 3D metaverse that offers realistic and immersive experiences. Players can build their empires, collect unique characters, and use them in battles to climb the rankings. There are also opportunities to earn money by participating in activities such as fighting for NFTs or completing missions for the $PIKA virtual currency

The Pikamoon team has thoroughly studied successful GameFi projects and incorporated their best features into the Pikamoon ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on community engagement, they aim for continued growth and development of the $PIKA token

Usefulness of $PIKA

$PIKA, also known as the Pikamoon token, is the currency used within the Pikaverse game. With these tokens, you can unlock rare NFTs, receive tempting rewards, and purchase unique items
from the Pikamoon marketplace.

Pikamoon Offers

Pikamoon is an RPG game focused on exploration, strategy and combat. Users can explore the world of Dreva with their Pikamoon companion using a PFP partner or an official Pikamoon PFP NFT. The battles involve the use of Pikamoon moves, evolution through experience and items, and the use of items to aid
in battle.

Pikamoon Price Predictions: Token Facts

Total supply of Pikamoon

Pikamoon has a total supply of 50 billion PIKA.

Pikamoon partnership

Pikamoon has partnered with Kevuru Games, Fujhine STD, Transak, Ethereum, MultiVersX, and

Reddit Discussions: Is Pikamoon Legit?

Pikamoon passed Coinsult’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process, but the audit status remains uncertain. In the event of fraudulent activity, Coinsult undertakes to disclose the identity of the project owner
and to take legal action.

In conclusion, based on the comments and experiences shared in the Reddit thread, there are significant concerns and skepticism regarding the legitimacy of Pikamoon.

How to Buy Pikamoon on Metamask

Pikamoon tokens can be purchased from the official site during the pre-sale period. Here are the steps to buy Pikamoon

  1. Connect the Wallet: Users must have a web3-compatible wallet such as Metamask connected to their browser, or they can use other wallets supported by Wallet Connect.
  2. Select the Investment Option: Users can buy Pikamoon with ETH, having ETH in their compatible wallet. If they don’t have ETH, they can top up their wallet using the “Buy Crypto with Card” option and follow the steps displayed. Once the transaction is complete, the Pikamoon token will be
  3. given to them.

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