Kaspa Price Prediction 2024-2030

Kaspa is unlikely to rise above $0.20 as it has returned from the $0.17 resistance level again. Trader sentiment and trading volumes are moderate. There will likely be more consolidation before exceeding $0.3

Kaspa Price Prediction: Influencer Update

  • Neolawyer1: $0.27 — $0.30
  • Cryptography: $0.34
  • MaxBecauseBTC: $0.35
  • Crypt0 Proselyte: $0.5
  • rjnft99: $1
  • Winsbegins: $1
  • i_am_jackis: $1-$2
  • CryptoBullGod: $2-$4
  • Braver Crypto: $5-$10
  • ajptrades: $5-$10
  • Kaspa Coin: Chance to Reach $1

    To reach $1, the Kaspa coin must grow by almost 7 times. At $1, Kaspa’s market capitalization would be $23.1 billion. If Kaspa were to increase at a rate of 25% each year, it would take 9 years to reach $1. Considering that Kaspa is a moderate case for investment, let’s consider the possibility of $1

    • Growth Required to Reach $1: Moderate Chance
    • Market Capitalization at $1: Moderate Chance
    • Time Required to Reach $1 at a 25% Pace: Low Chance

    Overall, there’s a moderate-low chance of reaching $1. However, if 50% of the coins were burned, this could become much easier

    Kaspa Coin: Key Information

    Kaspa is a community-driven blockchain designed to address the speed, scalability, and efficiency issues that have limited the adoption of popular networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It uses an innovative ‘BlockDag’ approach that creates multiple blocks per second, allowing instant transaction entry and fast confirmation times. This structure also allows Kaspa to handle large volumes of transactions at the same time without compromising speed or confirmation times

    Mining by Kaspa

    Kaspa mining can be done using CPUs, GPUs, or ASIC miners. However, using Kaspa, it may not be efficient using CPU. Here are the general steps on how to mine Kaspa using each type of

    1. Get suitable hardware. This could be GPU, ASIC, etc
    2. .

    3. Create a Kaspa wallet address.
    4. Enter the URL of the pool you want to mine. A list of Kaspa’s public mining pools can be found on Kaspa’s website
    5. .

    6. Set a worker ID to identify your miner. (Optional)
    7. Start Mining.

    Where to Buy Kaspa Coin?

    KAS Tokens can be purchased in numerous CEXs, the top 5 by trading volume are:

    • MEXC
    • Txbit
    • KuCoin
    • XT.COM

    Other Scholarships include:

    • Bitget
    • ZT
    • CoinEx
    • LBank
    • DigiFinex
    • Tapbit
    • Poloniex

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