Coin98 (C98) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Coin98 is a complete solution to create a multi-chain decentralized financial DeFi platform. Coin98 developed by a group of Asian developers with the aim of meeting the growing demand of the Defi industry. Platform created bridge gateway for TradFi users to access different DeFi services in one place. However, Platform has created a full suite of products that include Wallet, Exchange, and cross-bridge.

Coin98 Wallet is the first product of the project, which is launched in 2020 considering any blockchain network essential.

Coin98’s wallet is a multi-chain wallet that always stays connected with the main DeFi application. This wallet supports more than 22 blockchain networks that include Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot and more. Coin98 Wallet available on Google Chrome, Apple App Store and Google Play with about 400k active installs and 1 million active addresses.

Coin98 Exchange is again multi network Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that supports almost all major blockchain networks similar to the wallet. Coin98 Exchange not only focuses on ETH, BSC, or other most frequently used blockchains, but will also support Solana, Near, Kusama, Tron, Polkadot, and other growing networks.

Coin98 Price Prediction

Month & Year C98 Price Prediction
September 2022 $0.59
October 2022 $0.87
September 2022 $0.98
December 2022 US$ 1.03
January 2023 $1.11
February 2023 $0.83
April 2023 $0.98
April 2023 $1.07
May 2023 $1.27
June 2023 $1.30
September 2023 $1.42
December 2023 $1.51
April 2024 $1.46
July 2024 US$ 1.71
October 2024 US$ 1.56
January 2025 $1.74
February 2025 $3.81
April 2025 $3.91
April 2025 $4.31
May 2025 $4.37
June 2025 $4.48
July 2025 US$ 5.01
July 2025 $5.80
September 2025 $5.29
October 2025 $5.19
October 2025 US$ 6.07
December 2025 US$ 6.24
January 2030 US$ 13.41
April 2030 US$ 14.24
May 2030 US$ 16.00
July 2030 US$ 14.72
September 2030 US$ 16.97
December 2030 US$ 17.58

Coin98 Overview

Project name Coin98
Ticker symbol C98 Tokens
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Official website
Based on Wallet and exchange
Launch year 2018
Supported chain BSC, Ethereum
Exchange platform Binance
wallet TrustWallet, MetaMask, Coin98

C98 ICO Overview

Platform used Binance LaunchPad |
Generated by $3,750,000 USD
Date of the ICO 23July 2021
ICO Price $0.075 USD
partner HASHED, PARAFI Capital, LinkPad, Kyber Network, MultiCoin Capital.

C98 token price analysis

As of today16 July 2021, Binance will continue to measure the BNB balance and based on this Binance will determine that the maximum C98 can be assigned to each BNB holder on 23 July 2021. The launch price of 1 Coin98 token would be around USD 0.075$ and, according to many experts, it could reach USD 0.02 $ in 5-7 days after the start of trading.

The C98 token is an interoperable (multi-chain) utility token of the Coin98 ecosystem. It has multiple use cases on exchanges, wallets, and even cross-chain bridges. C98 token holders can wager their coin to earn betting incentives and other discounts and benefits on the platform. In the governance system each token holder has the right to vote on future developments and key decisions.


Coin98 is the 20th project on Binance Launch Pad, as we have seen the previous projects launched on this platform have achieved enormous success in terms of raising liquidity and reaching the maximum token holder. Coin98 had been in development since 2018 and they truly believe in the decentralized finance (deFi) with which they created the ideal All-in-One deFi solution. The Coin98 wallet and exchange could be the game changer as it is one of the poorest platforms that supports more than 20 blockchain networks. We tested the functionality of the Coin98 wallet and it runs smoothly and has the potential to become a strong candidate against MetaMask and TrustWallet. Due to uneven fluctuations in gas tariffs, the user tends to use the multi-network exchange. If somehow the project achieves their goal successfully, then the coin98 exchange will be one of the largest decentralized exchanges.

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