Cryptoblades (SKILL) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

CryptoBlades is an emerging NFT-based character-based game built and run on the Binance Smart Chain network. CryptoBlades developed by Riveted games with the aim of regaining control of digital assets or collectibles for real players. The project will be part of the adoption of blockchain and the introduction of NFT games to active users.

CryptoBlades creates the opportunity to profit with the game to earn system for all types of users.

The project will ensure fun and gain experience alongside the growing blockchain gaming community. in the game the user can possess different characters, unique weapons, since each weapon will have a different power and with the power of resurgence can be improved. The character and weapon can be traded in open markets, as anyone can buy, sell or hold this NFT. The character has more importance in this game, since a player can own a maximum of 4 for each account. NFTs can be viewed on your decentralized wallet such as Metamask and supported wallet.

At the beginning of the game, the character begins with the first coinage-dependent level along with the random element. In order fighter player need a warrior and sword and once won combat will get rewards from the platform. the character can relive after 5 minutes with the maximum energy bar limit is about 200 and each fight requires 40 points.

CryptoBlades Price Prediction

Month & Year SKILL Price Forecast
September 2022 $1.51
October 2022 $2.24
September 2022 $2.50
December 2022 $2.65
January 2023 $2.85
February 2023 $2.12
April 2023 $2.50
April 2023 $2.75
May 2023 $3.25
June 2023 $3.32
September 2023 $3.63
December 2023 $3.87
April 2024 $3.75
July 2024 $4.37
October 2024 $4.00
January 2025 $4.45
February 2025 $9.75
April 2025 US$ 10.02
April 2025 US$ 11.03
May 2025 US$ 11.20
June 2025 US$ 11.48
July 2025 US$ 12.83
July 2025 US$ 14.86
September 2025 US$ 13.55
October 2025 US$ 13.28
October 2025 US$ 15.54
December 2025 US$ 15.99
January 2030 US$ 34.34
April 2030 US$ 36.48
May 2030 US$ 40.98
July 2030 US$ 37.71
September 2030 US$ 43.46
December 2030 US$ 45.03

CryptoBlades Overview

Project name CryptoBlades Property
Ticker symbol Skills
Total supply 1,000,000
Official website
Based on NFT Game
Launch year 2020
Supported chain Bsc
Exchange platform Pancakeswap, Gate, Lbank, Apeswap
wallet Metamask, Trustwallet
partner Chainlink, Steam, IGN, Unity, BTS labs, independent game festival.

Skill token price prediction

Skill is on the platform’s native currency that will have the most utility in the Skill game at the time of writing based on the BEP-20 token standard built on the Binance Smart Chain. The player needs SKILL tokens to buy or sell character weapons, forge and reforg on the market. Value of the skill token decided with oracle considering the tokenomic mechanism. SKILL currently listed on the leading decentralized BSC-based exchange and its price at the time of writing reaches the all-time record reaching $858 USD in the first bull run. However, the second bull run is expected at the beginning of the year 2022 and in that Skill expected to exceed the mark of $ 100 USD.


We’ve seen a huge bull run of NFT-based projects that include Flow, Axie Infinity, and more, as this blockchain game is gaining tremendous attention from investors. Similarly, Cryptoblades comes out with one of the most popular niches, where character, swords, and power will be key components. Each battle will be counted as the most minting period has great advantages along with different advantages and game conditions. CryptoBlades each of its own Skill tokens from the first bull run of the NFT market performs very well, as it has already surpassed the 100x ROI mark and in the coming years will potentially continue to grow. Cryptoblades currently based on the BSC network, as to expand the project it is necessary to support multiple networks. Choosing BSC at the beginning is definitely helping the project because it charges the lowest transaction fees for each trade. CryptoBlades could highlight in the list of crypto trends and after falling below $50 the investor will try to buy a drop.

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