Quickswap (Quick) price forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Quickswap is a decentralized level 2 (DEX) exchange powered by Polygon aka Matic Network. Quickswap aims to solve major problems by adopting Matic’s Layer 2 scalability solution. It is the fork version of Uniswap DEX that introduced automated market maker technology for the growth of the DeFi industry. The platform offers lightning speed when trading and charges almost zero transaction fees.

Quickswap allows the user to exchange any ERC20 token with a fully decentralized environment.

In the growing demand for DEX and the number of users continue to create huge problems such as network congestion and slower transaction speeds. therefore, the level 2 solution could be the turning point because it will solve the main problems that come in the evolution of DeFi.

Basically, QuickSwap will bring back the DEX user, who is gone because on average they pay higher gas fees. in order to complement a business user who pays more than $30 in gas taxes for faster transactions. Quickswap also has a feature similar to Uniswap, where the user can add tokens via the contract address and also perform actions such as yield farming, staking, liquidity provision, and more.

QuickSwap Price Prediction

September 2022 US$ 76.82
October 2022 US$ 114.09
September 2022 US$ 127.27
December 2022 US$ 134.73
January 2023 US$ 145.05
February 2023 US$ 107.78
April 2023 US$ 127.27
April 2023 US$ 139.89
May 2023 US$ 165.69
June 2023 US$ 169.13
September 2023 US$ 184.61
December 2023 US$ 197.22
April 2024 US$ 190.91
July 2024 US$ 222.44
October 2024 US$ 203.52
January 2025 US$ 226.46
February 2025 US$ 496.49
April 2025 US$ 510.24
April 2025 US$ 561.84
May 2025 US$ 570.44
June 2025 US$ 584.78
July 2025 US$ 653.57
July 2025 US$ 756.77
September 2025 US$ 690.26
October 2025 US$ 676.50
October 2025 US$ 791.17
December 2025 US$ 814.10
January 2030 US$ 1,748.59
April 2030 US$ 1,857.52
May 2030 US$ 2,086.84
July 2030 US$ 1,920.58
September 2030 US$ 2,212.97
December 2030 US$ 2,293.24

Quickswap Overview

Project name Quickswap
Ticker symbol Quick
Total supply 1,000,000
Official website
Based on Dex
Launch year 2020
Supported chain Matic
Exchange platform Quickswap, Coinbase, Binance, Gate, Uniswap, Poloniex, DFYN Exchange
wallet Metamask
partner Iron Finance, Relay Chain, Impermax Finance

Quick analysis of token prices

QUICK Token is a DEX-based currency that will have a similar use case to the UNI token for Uniswap DEX. QUICK has a limited offering of 1 million tokens with 75% distributed within the community. Token’s two main use cases will be Governance and Staking, which will help strengthen the protocol along with future development growth. Each Quick token holder can earn a reward for staking and eligible voting in the governance system. The liquidity provider can earn incentives from the trading pool from the transaction fees generated on the platform. CMC reported an average opening price of $430 USD and at the time of writing reached the all-time $1310 record in the 2nd bull run.


Quickswap is focusing exclusively on one and one of the most scalable blockchain networks, namely Polygon. as we know, from the rebranding of the Polygon layer 2 solution headline in the blockchain community with performance and low transaction cost. in the 2nd bull run of crypto Polygon grows massively in terms of user volume and market capitalization. Quickswap DEX has completed millions of transactions and continues to set a new record in the DEX transaction. however, the multi-chain DEX is also being launched following a new trend and could give strong competition to Quickswap.

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