Bone ShibaSwap (Bone) Token Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

Bone third token that is announced with the decentralized exchange platform ShibaSwap. ShibaSwap allows the user to trade non-custodial which allows the user to trade Shib, Leash and other DeFi coins. Bone is also a standard ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. The Bone token can be earned by betting and cultivating the SHIB token on shibaswap, since on the first day itself $1 billion in volume locked.

Shibaswap distributes Bone with three main mechanisms that include DIG, FETCH and Bury. DIG referred to the provision of liquidity, Fetch belons to Uniswap V2 token migration and bury means staking. Bone opened trading on July 6, 2021 and joined Shiba Army.

The distribution of bone tokens will be fixed in percentage, since the pool of puppies will distribute the prizes proportionally. In the stake rate of known Bone rewards, follow Bone Per Block based on the points award for each pool. in the updated white paper, Shibaswap will have a liquidity event for 14 days and 1000 bones per block will be minted for the return of the allocation pool user.

Bone Shibaswap Price Forecast

Month & Year Bone price prediction
September 2022 $1.98
October 2022 $2.94
September 2022 $3.29
December 2022 $3.48
January 2023 $3.74
February 2023 $2.78
April 2023 $3.29
April 2023 $3.61
May 2023 $4.28
June 2023 $4.37
September 2023 US$ 4.76
December 2023 $5.09
April 2024 US$ 4.93
July 2024 $5.74
October 2024 $5.25
January 2025 US$ 5.85
February 2025 US$ 12.81
April 2025 US$ 13.17
April 2025 US$ 14.50
May 2025 US$ 14.72
June 2025 US$ 15.09
July 2025 US$ 16.87
July 2025 US$ 19.53
September 2025 US$ 17.82
October 2025 US$ 17.46
October 2025 US$ 20.42
December 2025 US$ 21.01
January 2030 US$ 45.13
April 2030 US$ 47.95
May 2030 US$ 53.86
July 2030 US$ 49.57
September 2030 US$ 57.12
December 2030 US$ 59.19

Bone Shibaswap Overview

Project name Bone ShibaSwap
Ticker symbol Bone
Total supply Na
Official website
Based on Decentralized exchange token
Launch year 2021
Supported chain Ethereum
Exchange platform MXC, ShibaSwap, Uniswap
wallet Metamask, TrustWallet

Analysis of bone token prices

Bone Token listed with average price $10 USD and according to the Coingecko report rises to $15 USD. Bone after the list becomes the list of the most searched cryptocurrencies on Google search trends. Bone will be the successor to Shibaswap, as this memecoin continues to gain a huge market volume in recent months. however, Bone rewards will be beneficial to the main project and as its number of holders will continue to grow. we know, the Shiba token uses HODL and earns strategy that also applies to Bone, so the rewarded Bone token will likely be HODL by the investor. MXC is listed on Bone trading and according to our forecast it could reach $20 USD soon.


Shibaswap is finally launched as per the roadmap and that puts a smile on the face of the Shiba token holder. The total volume of Shibaswap locked at the time of writing reaches $1.6 billion in value. Bone Token has no fundamental value, as it is only rewarded as a secondary currency for users. so, do your research before investing in it, as it referred to high-risk, high-yield projects.

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