Xcad Network price forecast 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Xcad Network has introduced the Watch to Earn trend revolution, where users will be paid to watch content. The main goal of the project is to empower and create people content creators using the tokenization of youtuber creators. Xcad innovates the monetization of creators by allowing them to create tokenized economy and market, where they can use one token for different activities.

Xcad Network has an educational platform, where more than 60k youtubers learn about YouTube’s algorithm and other key points to get more views and subscribers.

Project has listed some of the real ones that include YouTube’s algorithm, lack of rewards for followers, monetization for full timers.

XCad currently provides the chrome extension that directly allows the user to watch tokenized creator content on YouTube. At the time of writing, Platform supported by the best content creators that include Mr. Beast, KSI, Ali-A, W2S, Nik Omilana and Lance Stewart. So, Creator can simply experience real fans along with increasing engagement, watch time, and revenue. The user also has access to NFT creators, where the creator can earn directly through NFT revenue, and fans have the option to own NFT directly from the creators.

XCAD Price Forecast

Month & Year XCAD Network Price Forecasting
September 2022 US$ 2.6
October 2022 $3.8
September 2022 US$ 4.3
December 2022 US$ 4.5
January 2023 US$ 4.9
February 2023 US$ 3.6
April 2023 US$ 4.3
April 2023 US$ 4.7
May 2023 US$ 5.6
June 2023 US$ 5.7
September 2023 US$ 6.2
December 2023 US$ 6.7
April 2024 US$ 6.4
July 2024 US$ 7.5
October 2024 US$ 6.9
January 2025 US$ 7.6
February 2025 US$ 16.7
April 2025 US$ 17.2
April 2025 US$ 18.9
May 2025 US$ 19.2
June 2025 US$ 19.7
July 2025 US$ 22.0
July 2025 US$ 25.5
September 2025 US$ 23.3
October 2025 US$ 22.8
October 2025 US$ 26.7
December 2025 US$ 27.5
January 2030 US$ 59.0
April 2030 US$ 62.7
May 2030 US$ 70.4
July 2030 US$ 64.8
September 2030 US$ 74.6
December 2030 US$ 77.3

XCAD Network Overview

Project name XCAD Network
Ticker symbol XCAD
Total supply 199,105,531
Official website
Based on Monetization of content creators
Launch year 2021
Supported network Zilliqa
Exchange platform Huobi Global, Kucoin, Porta, Uniswap
wallet Metamask

XCAD Price Analysis

XCAD is listed in May 2021 and the price has dropped from $2.01 USD to an all-time low of $0.49 USD. however, those who are able to buy dip is still 10x up and earlier this year It was trading at $9 USD means almost 20x from the fund. The XCAD token has a great utility and looking at the industry they focus on this project that still survives in the bear market. If we consider other altcoins, where they are almost 10x down from the all-time high, but XCAD only 2x down from its all-time high. XCAD holders did not panic selling their investment, as most of them find XCAD to be quite worthy of holding out for a long time. XCAD in the last 24 hours has gained 15% in the last 24 hours, as most altcoins have already fallen by 30% comparing yesterday’s price.


XCAD has created a huge user base in less than 1 year since launch, as their vision fully favors creators and fans. Project focused on NFT and new cases in blockchain that could be the point in favor, since the development is relentless since their roadmap looks strong on paper. So, daily updates and communities that do not paper their investment creating a healthy economy. XCAD reached a market cap of $100 million a few days ago, and its daily volume is also growing.

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