Lovely Inu price forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Lovely Inu is the Meme coin based on Binance Smart Chain that aims to continue the increase in the resolution of Meme tokens. Lovely Inu was launched in 2021 sharing the purpose of Shiba Inu and Decentralized Dogecoin, the store of fundamental digital value. Token has already entered the trend list after being on the list of top gainers in the bear market.

Lovely Inu Project said it promotes cheaper gas tariffs and higher blocking speeds with the implementation of the BSC network.

Project mentioned in the whitepaper that they have studied different meme coins and also learn from different scenarios based on meme tokens.

Lovely Inu in terms of development making a very consistent growth, since since the launch they have launched Decentralized Exchange, Initial Liquidity that offers Launchpad Platform. The project aims to provide more ranges of cryptographic services and trying to increase the usefulness of the native token. Nice also following most of the common memecoin strategy, where they charge fees in the form of slippage for each transaction. These fees collected from the transaction were later added to the liquidity pool, which is said to be Lovely Project’s revenue.

Lovely Inu Forecast

Month & Year Lovely Inu Forecast
September 2022 US$ 0.00000023
October 2022 US$ 0.00000034
September 2022 US$ 0.00000037
December 2022 US$ 0.00000040
January 2023 US$ 0.00000043
February 2023 USD 0.00000032
April 2023 US$ 0.00000037
April 2023 US$ 0.00000041
May 2023 US$ 0.00000049
June 2023 US$ 0.00000050
September 2023 US$ 0.00000054
December 2023 US$ 0.00000058
April 2024 US$ 0.00000056
July 2024 US$ 0.00000065
October 2024 US$ 0.00000060
January 2025 US$ 0.00000067
February 2025 US$ 0.00000146
April 2025 US$ 0.00000150
April 2025 US$ 0.00000165
May 2025 US$ 0.00000168
June 2025 US$ 0.00000172
July 2025 US$ 0.00000192
July 2025 US$ 0.00000222
September 2025 US$ 0.00000203
October 2025 US$ 0.00000199
October 2025 US$ 0.00000232
December 2025 US$ 0.00000239
January 2030 US$ 0.00000514
April 2030 US$ 0.00000546
May 2030 US$ 0.00000613
July 2030 US$ 0.00000564
September 2030 US$ 0.00000650
December 2030 US$ 0.00000674

Lovely Inu Overview

Project name Lovely Inu
Ticker symbol LOVELY
Total supply 75,000,000,000,000
Official website
Based on Memes
Launch year 2021
network Bsc
Exchange platform Huobi, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Gate, LBank, MEXC, Bitmart, OpenOcean
wallet Metamaschera, TrustWallet

Token price analysis

LOVELY uses the BEP-20 Token standard created on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to achieve high and cost-effective transaction speed. The Lovely Token smart contract has successfully passed the CertiK security audit, as mentioned on CMC and Coingecko Lovely gaining a huge number of followers, as it has already earned 3.5 times the price in the last 3 months. In this bear market The Lovely token has already outperformed and with level 1 exchange quotes such as Huobi and Gate, Token continues to seek the attention of investors. Nice now very close to reaching $50 million in fully diluted market cap, and according to the report, Token has reached a market volume of $7.1 million in the last 24 hours.

Nice planning to implement cross-chain availability and in the future tokens will be available several blockchain networks including Solana, Ethereum and Matic. According to Roadmap Lovely aims to reach 80k total owners on-chain and should list on Binance Exchange.


To be honest, we are in the mix trend, where anything can happen, as the market slowly moves from extreme fear to the average of the fear index. Lovely Token supported by a massive community on different social media platforms. On Twitter Lovely has a huge follower of over 250k users and continues to promote tokens on different platforms. Recently, Project plans the liquidity competition and also the token listed on the Gate startup platform. we know, Lovely has done very well in the bear market and we can see in the bull market this token should be highlighted in the list of top gainers.

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