Bee Network price forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Bee Network is a blockchain innovation that aims to bring gamification to the real world by rewarding people for their contribution. Bee Network actively works with its own mobile app as its main product. The project community exceeds 200k on social media and speaking of total milestone 18 million has already joined the network.

Bee network believes that to run the network there is no need for supercomputers with which they simply reward people for running their app on any mobile.

Each user must open the application every 24 hours to start mining or to get rewards. This process will avoid interaction with bots and also confirm that the real human is mining cryptocurrency.

The user has given several roles in the network that include Pioneer, Ambassador and Verifier. Initially the pioneer role will be assigned to all new members who immediately get the base rate to earn bee tokens. If the user refers friends, the base rate will be reduced, but the user will get a token proportional to the number of reference numbers. The ambassador will play an important role in the development of the project, where they interact with the team and founders. The role of the verifier enters the scene after the beginning of stage 2, in which it is necessary to verify the identity of the miner with the KYU process.

Bee Network Price Forecast

At the time of writing, there is no official news on how much supply will be available at the initial stage and number of tokens distributed within the community. So, currently we can predict the price of Bee Token, but with the community and the growing interest in the game to earn games, the value of the bee token can go up to $ 0.001 USD.

Vigorus Overview

Project name Bee Network
Ticker symbol Bee
Official website
Total supply Na
Launch year 2021
network Na
substitution Na
wallet Bee Wallet

Bee Network Token Price Analysis

Bee Network’s listing price is difficult to predict, as the project has recently carried out KYC verification for the user. Due to the greater number of people Bee network KYC opening in round format, as a user must present the passport as mentioned by the official. Bee Network has to wait until the market rushes to the top, otherwise most of the project currently fails to keep the price above the public sale. Similarly most people will try to profit as soon as the list of BEE tokens on the exchange and the number of holders also see a huge drop. The team can go with the token lock or acquisition, where a certain amount of tokens will be unlocked to TGE and other tokens will be conferred on a monthly basis.


The PI network and the Bee network in recent years have become the most discussed project due to its number of tokens rewarded to the user for simply installing apps on mobile devices. The Bee network scored hugely on Android and Apple Store, as the number of new users continues to grow with the referral program. However, the Bee Network team has been working significantly on the product and community upgrade, but now liquidity will be the factor that comes into play when listing takes place on any exchange. However, they have already planned the omics of tokens, but greater clarity needs to be addressed. However, we suggest that you do your research and not fall into the scam.

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