Luna 2.0 price forecast 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Founder of Luna Do Kwon coming with new plans for rebirth and prevention of the community. In order to execute the plans, the community of 60% of Earth voted in favor of approving proposal 1623 and launching 2.0, that is, the new blockchain. as per plan new old token Moon be called as Terra Classic $LUNC and new chain will be known as $Luna. These actual changes will be made on 27 May 2022 following the successful passing of audits by SCV security.

New Stablecoin about to launch but this without algorithmic structure, as trying to support by different aspects suggested by experts in the field.

The Luna token will be launched into the air at the classic Luna support, staker with different priority and in this pre-attached support to get airdrop. In the pre-attack distribution luna holder to receive 30%, community pool will get 30% and aUST holder will get 10% and post attack holder will receive 15% for Luna and 10% for UST. However, this token will be locked in order to prevent another dump, and the slow release will be beneficial to the ecosystem.

Terra Luna works closely with Binance, Bybit and other crypto exchanges in the revival program. FTX, Huobi Global and many other exchanges will burn the Luna token and buy back the commissions collected by the Luna trading pair. hence, the exchanges also go in airdrop to the user to who holds Moon after Moon 2.0 chain start to work.

Moon 2.0 Prediction

We will update the table here once we start Luna Trading, providing a pre-release forecast that we could see Luna 2.0 start trading with $0.01 USD and could reach $10 USD.

Luna 2.0 Overview

Project name Moon 2.0
Ticker symbol Moon ·
Total supply Na
Official website
Based on Blockchain Network
Launch year 2022
Historical maximum Na
Exchange platform Binance, Kucoin, FTX, Bybit, Gate
wallet Metamask

Luna 2.0 Price analysis

If you follow the crypto space, you might hear about the Moon crash and how the entire ecosystem collapsed and many investor losses in millions. It was started with UST a stable currency backed by Terra Luna and other network assets, as depeg and at the time of writing currently trading below $0.1 USD. similarly Luna dropped from $110 USD to less than $0.0001 USD and the Anchor protocol dropped from $5.89 to $0.08 USD within a week of the time frame.


The founder of Luna was criticized for many things and there were many hidden truths there because the real reason why Luna collapsed still unknown. One of the popular influencers also attacked the founder and South Korea who also acted on the case. Now, we know that many investors have already lost hope on the Luna ecosystem, but the people who still hold their investment are positive about this upgrade. Looking at the result of the vote in which 60% still support the project and hoping that Luna 2.0 will be doing normal things again. we know that this Dump of Luna seeks enormous attention, as the crypto community begins to feel insecure even in stablecoins and in the panic situation the market suffers a huge drop in volume.

We know that Luna 2.0 supported by different exchanges and industry experts will definitely save the cryptocurrency market. Once the global market begins to recover, the entire market could recover and if Luna manages to make the expected return, then we could see less decline in the fear index.

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