Will Luna classic reach 1 dollar?

Will Luna Classic reach 1 dollar? This is a question that investors have been asking themselves for many days.

Can Luna Classic reach 1 dollar? Let’s do a mathematical analysis first


Price from 13 June



How many times will the price have to go up to become 1 dollar?



Market capitalization as of June 12

$453 million


How much does it cost 14,493 times 453 million dollars?

$6588 billion


If Luna were to increase by 20% per year, how many years would it take to reach 1 dollar?

53 years


If luna were to increase by 50% per year, how many years would it take to reach 1 dollar?

24 years


If Luna were to increase by 50% per year and burn even 50% of the coins

12 years


Will Luna classic reach 1 dollar? 

  1. Significant increase in value. First, how can LUNC add value to the lives of consumers and businesses? If Luna Classic can be differentiated from Luna 2.0 and offer value to customers, the price of the token will increase and make it easier to reach $ 1
  2. 99% burns. In the case of Shiba Inu, we estimated that 99.9999% burns as a way to reach 1 dollar. Although this is not realistic, when combined with (1), it makes it easier to reach 1 dollar

Will Terra classic reach 1 dollar? What are the prospects?

Terra Classic had fallen to 0.00004458 on May 9, it has increased by 53% in the last 3 days due to accelerated combustion plans. In fact, it has outperformed BTC, TRX and LEO in the last 5 days

Concerns about Terra Luna Classic

There are numerous concerns around Terra Luna Classic

  1. What is the value it offers to consumers and businesses? Are there better coins available on the market?
  2. How reliable is it after the May accident?

On both questions, Terra Luna Classic is seen as a weak player. However, a strong focus on the community has helped $LUNC Luna Classic rise beautifully over the past few days. Some predict that this will increase even more in the coming days.


In fact, we think it’s almost impossible to reach $1 given the current price, the growth needed to reach $1, and the problems related to market differentiation. That said, if the time frame is 25-50 years, anything is possible.

The biggest problem is that there is no visibility into how and who is running the coin at the moment. Given that LUNC has just relaunched, it is best to treat this asset as a high-risk asset that can also provide a very high return or can even lead to a 100% loss.

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