How to Transfer Crypto from eToro to Coinbase

The withdrawal from eToro is divided into two parts. First, you need to move it from the eToro trading account to your eToro wallet, then withdraw it from your eToro wallet wherever you want. In this case, we will withdraw it to our Coinbase account.

First, let’s start with logging into our eToro account. Here we can see all the places we can check, our coins, the news and the market situation.

Go to your wallet and see what assets you have in order to be able to withdraw what you want.

In your wallet, you will see the coins you own. If you want, you can buy from here also using fiat. eToro works in multiple countries so you can send money from your bank account to eToro. Compared to Coinbase, which works with the US and some limited regions. After reaching here, choose the coin you wish to withdraw.

When you see the coin you want to withdraw, you could open an exchange to buy it, and here you will see on the image that a value of $50 of XRP trade is opened. If you already have the coin you want to withdraw, you can skip this part.

At the end of the trade, you will have the coin on your account. Click on the “edit trade” button and you will see this page. Here you can transfer the coins to your wallet. The “transfer to wallet” button is located just below the invested text. Click on it and you can begin the withdrawal process.

After confirming that you are withdrawing to your eToro wallet, you will see the last step. It will show you the wallet address of your eToro wallet. Click the transfer button to complete the first steps of the withdrawal. This will end the withdrawal process between your eToro trading account and your eToro wallet account.

After you have managed to withdraw to your eToro wallet. You will see your coins in the wallet. Wait 10-15 minutes before they are credited to your account. After they reach your wallet, we can begin the next step. Before you do anything else, go to Coinbase and get your deposit address.

Locating your Coinbase deposit address

To get the address from Coinbase, first, we log in to our Coinbase account. You can see the “send/receive” button next to the “buy/sell” button. Click the Send/Receive button to get started.

Here you will be shown the receiving part. It will automatically show you the deposit address of a coin. However, if you want to change that coin, you can click on it and a list will appear.

In this list, you can choose any coin you want. You can also use the search bar to make the search through the entire list faster.

When selected, it will show you the address and also the QR code, but we will use the address today. Copy it and now go back to the eToro wallet app.

Last Steps of eToro Withdrawal

Since we now have the wallet, we can click on the eToro wallet app and the coin we have. In that coin, you will see the “send” button. Click on it and we can get started. Here you will paste the address we have just received from Coinbase and also write down the amount of coin we want to send. Click Submit again to complete the task.

For the last part, we will have a 2-step verification. Usually, this is SMS or 2FA google authenticator. Whatever you’re using, enter that code here to verify yourself. Click the verify button and you’re done.

This is how you send your money from your eToro trading account to Coinbase. It has an extra layer of eToro wallet but it’s no different from any other place you withdraw, just an extra step.

Frequently asked questions

Where is my Crypto deposit?

eToro has a 2-step withdrawal. This causes the withdrawal process to take a little longer. If you’re not sure where it is, you can always contact support to learn more about the current situation of your transaction. The part where you send from eToro trading to the eToro wallet usually takes almost no time, only 1-2 minutes at most because it is within itself. However, the one from the eToro wallet to Coinbase may take a little longer.

Does eToro have crypto withdrawal fees?

You can see eToro’s fees here. It is not ideal and costs a high amount with usually a high spread for trading even to open positions. So the $50 you send from your bank account, could become $45 or less the moment you reach another place. The hefty %10 goes between your bank account and the outside place when you go through eToro.

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