Will Bitgert reach 1 cent?

Bitgert is a cryptographic engineering project launched in July 2021. The platform was built to provide blockchain products and auditing solutions. Bitgert was initially built on BNB Chain and used BNB, its native token to pay premiums. Here are some facts about Bitgert crypto (BRISE):

  • The Bitgert project was launched in the year 2021. Initially, Bitgert was registered as a legal entity, presumably in the Cayman Islands.
  • The most significant development of Bitgert occurred in 2022.

    Bitgert has launched its own blockchain, the BRISE chain that supports BRC20 tokens.

  • Bitgert claims that BRISE Chain is the fastest blockchain available on the market.
  • The Brise chain has no gas costs and can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).
  • Blockchain runs on a proof-of-authority (PoA) architecture to provide fast block times and cheap rates. The BRISE chain supports smart contracts and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Brise Tokens

BRISE is the native token of the BRISE Chain and Bitgert ecosystems and operates on the basis of smart contracts. These contracts allow the token to be exchangeable and exchangeable with Ethereum-based ERC-20 and Binance-based BEP-20 tokens. brise encryption is used for the following reasons

  • Pay gas fees for the execution of smart contracts
  • Staking
  • Peer-to-peer payment service
  • Collection of network transaction fees.

Bitgert detailed his full future plans. You can read Bitgert’s Roadmap here.

Key performance statistics

  • DeFi: $2.2 million, ranked 98th, Sphynx DEX is number 1 within Bitgert
  • NFT: Not classified
  • Merchants accepting Brise Tokens – Data not available
  • Games: Unrated

Bitgert announced a new sustainable plan called CVSO. The goal is to create a sustainable future for the Bitgert project, reduce the total supply and increase the demand for the token, leading to higher prices. The Bitgert team has a plan to reduce the total supply of its token by 99% through a combination of

  • Monthly strategic buybacks
  • Manual burns

BRISE is planning its second monthly fire, accumulating funds for a larger combustion than the first. The second burn is set for February 28, 2023, with an estimated value of $4.5 million – $5 million BRISE to burn, making it the biggest fire ever for the currency. To celebrate, BRISE is giving away $5,000 in stock to the lucky winners, encouraging attendees to retweet and tag friends.

In summary, Brise has not yet proven its capabilities and is struggling in most market segments. At the moment, it does not seem to be a good investment

Will Bitgert reach 1 cent? Calculations

To reach 1 cent, Brise will have to increase more than 25k times. At 1 cent, Bitgert’s market cap will be $3.8 trillion. If Bitgert were to increase by 25% each year, it would take 42 years to reach 1 cent.

We summarize the criteria here

  • Investment quality: moderate to poor
  • Expected increase to achieve the target: impossible
  • Market capitalization target: impossible
  • Years to reach the goal: impossible

Bitgert does not meet any criteria and therefore will not reach 1 cent. However, Brise has an aggressive Burn program. How many coins will have to be burned? Perhaps more than 99% of the coins will have to be burned to have a chance of reaching 1 cent.

Bitgert Coin Price Prediction 2023-2030

  • Bitgert 2023 price prediction is $0.000000936
  • Brise 2024 price prediction is $0.00000114
  • Bitgert 2025 price prediction is $0.00000147
  • Brise 2026 price prediction is $0.00000197
  • Brise 2027 price prediction is $0.00000238
  • Brise 2028 price prediction is $0.00000304
  • Brise 2029 price prediction is $0.00000426
  • Bitgert 2030 price prediction is $0.00000595

Will BRISE reach $1?

The current market price of the BRISE token is $0.00000034 and it needs to grow 2,941,176 times to reach a price level of $1.

In addition, the BRISE token reached its all-time high price of $0.0000016 in March 2022. In addition, it grew 8.9 times in just one month to reach its all-time highest value (from the lowest value of $0.00000018 in February 2022).

Therefore, the BRISE token will need a minimum of 330,469 months (more than 27,539 years), which is actually an impossible goal to achieve. In addition, the economic conditions of the market will also play a role in determining the price of Bitgert and, therefore, may not reach $ 1 in the time calculated as above.

Can BRISE reach $10?

Considering that reaching $1 is a very difficult goal for BRISE, $10 seems virtually impossible. However, let’s prove it mathematically.

To reach $10,
the BRISE token must grow by 29,411,764 times to reach a price level of $10, considering its current market price of $0.00000034.

Also, since it took a month to grow 8.9 times, it will need at least 3,304,692 months (about 275,391 years) to reach $10 after growing 29,411,764 times.

So, it’s really an impractical goal for BRISE to reach $10. Therefore, we cannot expect Bitgert to reach $10 in the future.

Will Brise reach 1 cent? The Bitgert ecosystem

Bitgert has developed its own ecosystem consisting of several products, including NFT, Web3, DeFi and others. Here are some well-known projects developed on the Bitgert blockchain:


MIIDAS: Developed on the Bitgert blockchain, Miidas is the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for digital and physical assets.

YOUNG PAPARROT: Young Parrot is the digital marketplace for cryptographic collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


SPHYNX Labs: SPYNX Labs is the decentralized exchange that supports the BRISE chain for DEX and launchpad.

BriseSwap: Briseswap is one of the DEXs developed by the Brisepad team.

Ice cream swap: Icecream swap is the first swap on the Bitgert blockchain. It allows users to trade, earn and win cryptocurrencies.

Defi Projects

BitKeep: Bitkeep is a Web3-based crypto wallet. It claims to have over 6,000,000 users.

KNIT Finance: Knit Finance supports the BRISE chain in its cross-chain wrapped assets protocol to support the Top 200 crypto assets on the BRISE chain.

Coinhub: Coinhub integrates portfolio, data and finance, mining, trading and other functions, allowing you to easily manage your multi-chain assets.

DefiLama: DefiLlama is the largest TVL aggregator.

Competitor Analysis: Bitgert Vs Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most important blockchains on the market. Therefore, let’s make a brief comparison between Bitgert and Ethereum (especially in terms of price movements):

Bitgert Ethereum
What does he do? Bitgert is a crypto engineering project specializing in blockchain products. Ethereum is an open source blockchain that enables the execution of decentralized smart contracts.
Categories NFT, Web3, Defi Defi, NFT, smart contracts.
Performance in the last month +67.8% +28.1%
Performance of the last six months +29.2% -4.6%
Performance in the last year -46.3% -46.1%

As we can see, the price of BRISE is increasing at a higher rate over the past six months. Although ETH and BISSE prices have been improving in recent weeks, Bitgert has certainly managed to outperform Ethereum over the past month.

Bitgert Reddit Discussions

In a recent Reddit discussion, regarding Bitgert’s burning of 5 trillion BRISE coins, let’s take a look at what people have to say on the subject.

Note that Bitgert burned around $2,839,300 worth of BRISE tokens earlier this week.

In this thread, a user wrote that the price of BRISE is more or less stable and therefore is a positive sign in the long term. Another user wrote that 2023 will be an interesting year for Bitgert if they continue to burn monthly.

Therefore, the general feelings for this discussion on Reddit are positive.

Bitgert picketing

Staking BRISE tokens means locking tokens with a crypto exchange or wallet for a specific period. Therefore, it helps users earn interest on their locked BRISE tokens for that period.

For BRISE tokens, the minimum block period is 30 days and the maximum period is 180 days. Below are the steps to bet your BRISE tokens easily:

  • The first step is to buy BRISE tokens from an exchange (such as PancakeSwap,, BitMart etc.).
  • In the second step, users need to visit Bitgert’s official website which directly allows staking of RISE tokens.
  • After choosing the desired duration of the staking, the third step is to connect the wallet (where the BRISE tokens are stored) to Bitgert.
  • The last step is “Stake BRISE” by clicking the button.

Bitgert Coin Price Prediction: Tokenomics

The total BRISE token offering is 1,000,000,000,000,000 while the circulating supply is 395,688.22B BRISE.

The distribution of Bitgert (BRISE) is as follows:

  • 50.00% is allocated to initial burning
  • 38.00% is allocated to Liquidity
  • 7.00% is destined to Future Development & Marketing
  • 5.00% is allocated to the development team

Bitgert Coin Prediction: Where to Buy Bitgert Coin?

BRISE Crypto has gained massively over the past 2 hours. However, much less platform offers Bitgert crypto to trade. Before we discuss where to buy the BRISE coin, here’s the step to buy Brise:

  1. Find a crypto exchange that sells BRISE Radicle
  2. Create an account with Exchange
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Finance your portfolio

Bitgert Crypto Price Prediction: Wallets for Bitgert

  • register
  • Trezor
  • Mathematical portfolio
  • Trust Portfolio
  • Safepal
  • Binance Chain Wallet

5. Make your purchase

You can buy Bitgert coins from the exchange. You can also go directly to the PancakeSwap website and trade other tokens for it.

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