Transition Plan 5.0: what it provides and how it works

The Transition 5.0 Plan is an innovative program that aims to support companies in the process of energy and digital transition. The plan introduces a series of grants and incentives to promote sustainable investments, reducing the energy consumption of production units by at least 3% or 5%. Below is a detailed guide on what the Decree implementing Transition Plan 5.0 provides, who it is addressed to and the changes introduced.

What is the 5.0 Transition Plan

The Transition 5.0 Plan is a new program aimed at promoting the digitalization and decarbonization of Italian companies. It encourages private investments in digital assets and activities and the self-production of energy from renewable sources. Enhanced by the PNRR Decree converted into law 2024, the plan includes a new tax credit for companies that invest in digital activities and
staff training.

Objectives of the Plan

The main objective of the Transition 5.0 Plan is to support the transformation of production processes towards an efficient and sustainable energy model. The plan foresees energy savings of 0.4 million tons of oil equivalent in the period 2024-2026. In addition, it aims to evaluate the effectiveness of PNRR investments and possible synergies with other EU funding sources by 31 August 2026

What does the Implementing Decree provide

The Decree implementing Transition Plan 5.0 establishes the procedures for accessing incentives and the rules for their application. Here are the main points:

  • Tax credit: companies that invest in the digital and green transition can benefit from a tax credit, known as energy transition bonus 5.0.
  • Accepted investments: financing for investments in tangible and intangible assets that reduce energy consumption by at least 3% or 5%.
  • Duration of aid: the incentives are valid for investments made from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025.
  • Training: training obligation for companies on the subject of energy and green transition.
  • Control and monitoring: methods of controlling the actual energy savings achieved by companies.
  • Penalties: penalties in case of non-compliance with established obligations.
  • Energy certification: access to tax benefits for companies that adhere to the energy certification system.
  • Enabled categories: subjects authorized for technical certification.

How to claim the bonus

To access the 2024 business digitization bonus, companies must send an electronic request using the standardized model available on the Energy Services Manager (GSE) website. The procedure involves:

  1. Prior communication: the company transmits the detailed information of the innovation project to the GSE.
  2. Verification and booking: the GSE verifies the data and communicates the amount of the booked tax credit within 5 days of transmission.
  3. Periodic communications: the company sends periodic updates on the progress of the project, receiving confirmation of the credit booked by the GSE.
  4. Completion of the project: by February 28, 2026, the company announces the completion of the project. The GSE verifies the data and confirms the amount of the tax credit that can be used as compensation within 10 days
  5. .

Eligible expenses

Investments in new material and instrumental assets, such as machinery, plants and equipment, software, systems and platforms for energy efficiency, and staff training in digital and energy technologies, are easy.

When does the bonus start

The 5.0 energy transition bonus will probably be active from July 2024, following the publication of the Decree implementing the 5.0 Transition Plan in the official gazette.

Allocated resources

For this measure, the government has allocated 6.4 billion euros, in addition to the 6.3 billion provided for by the 2024 Budget Law. The funds come from the PNRR and the EU-Italy Next Generation Fund

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