Guide to the recruitment bonus for young people under 30

The hiring bonus for young people under 30 represents a significant opportunity for private sector companies that wish to invest in young talent. This incentive, part of the “youth employment incentive” package, is designed to encourage the stable employment of young people who have never been hired on permanent contracts

What is the hiring bonus for young people under 30

The bonus consists of a contribution exemption equal to 50% of the gross taxable monthly wage, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros per year.

The incentive is aimed at private companies that hire young people under 30, provided that they have never had an indefinite contract. The exemption has a maximum duration of 36 months

In some situations, the contribution exemption may reach 100% of the salary, for example for permanent recruitment following periods of professional apprenticeship or advanced training and research.

How does the hiring bonus for young people under 30 work

The bonus translates into a reduction on the employer’s social security contribution, excluding INAIL contributions. The maximum amount is 3,000 euros per year, distributed on a monthly basis. The main cases are:

  • New hires and permanent transformations: the exemption is 50%, with a limit of 3,000 euros per year.
  • Recruitment following periods of apprenticeship: if the young person has not reached 30 years of age on the date of permanent employment, the exemption remains 50% for a maximum of 3,000 euros per year.
  • Recruitment of students: within six months of obtaining the qualification, if they have alternated school-work or vocational apprenticeship or advanced training and research, the exemption is 100%.

Duration of the benefit

The duration of the benefit varies depending on the type of employment:

  • 36 months with 50% exemption for new hires and permanent transformations.
  • 36 months with 100% exemption for hiring students within six months of the degree.
  • 12 months with 50% exemption for post-apprenticeship service maintenance, if the young person has not reached the age of 30.

Bonus Recipients

The bonus is intended for private employers, including those in the agricultural sector. It is applicable throughout the national territory. The main requirements for young recruits are

  • Never having had an indefinite contract.
  • Be under 30 years old at the time of employment.

Exclusions and incompatibility

The bonus cannot be claimed if:

  • The employer is not in good standing with the DURC.
  • Violations of the regulations for the protection of working conditions have been committed.
  • Layoffs were made in the same production unit in the six months prior to hiring.
  • In the six months following the encouraged recruitment, a dismissal is made for justified objective reason of the same worker or another worker with the same qualification.

Accepted types of contracts

The bonus is applicable to permanent employment contracts, including administration contracts and those concluded with labor cooperatives. Both full-time and part-time contracts are allowed, while apprenticeship relationships and domestic, intermittent and occasional work contracts are excluded

How to claim the bonus

Employers or their intermediaries must request the incentive online through the Uniemens flow. The data relating to the relief and the identification code provided by the INPS must be entered

Cumulability of the incentive

The incentive cannot be combined with other exemptions or reductions in funding rates for the same period. However, it can be combined with economic incentives, such as those for hiring disabled workers or NASPI beneficiaries.

The recruitment bonus for young people under 30 represents an important structural measure to promote youth employment. Companies that benefit from it can obtain significant contribution reductions, while at the same time helping to provide stability and growth prospects to young workers. To stay updated on all opportunities, it is advisable to follow the official communications of the INPS and the competent ministries

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