Top 5 Metaverse Game Tokens Under $5

The gaming industry is currently the most sought-after industry, having successfully incorporated Metaverse and NFT into space. In today’s choice, we’ll look at some game tokens below the $5 price you want to keep on your radar. Gaming cryptocurrency tokens have a total market cap growing of $10,732,476,197 and a total trading volume of $1,806,358,434, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

MyNeighboralice (ALICE)

  • Unit price: $2.23
  • Market Cap: $70,407,268
  • Distinctive Features: My Neighbor Alice stands out for its distinctive design, which uses Alice as an adorable “playmate” to make the game more accessible to new players who are not familiar with traditional blockchain game mechanics.

The farm-themed building game called My Neighbor Alice was created on Chromia. A place where players can buy and own virtual islands and collect and develop amazing things while also making new friends, according to the game’s description. “Alice” is the main character of the game.

My Neighbor Alice caters to a diverse gaming community within the traditional gaming industry and hopes to bring blockchain to millions of players.

Also, although it allows interested people to investigate traditional DeFi features, the game does not force players to engage with the underlying blockchain technology.

Exchange: With a total trading volume of $48,049,628 in 24 hours, MyNeighborAlice is currently trading on the Binance, BTCEX, BingX, Bybit and CoinTiger exchanges.


  • Unit price: $2.27
  • Market Cap: $279,570,912
  • Distinct features: Wemix argues that a positive user experience should come before unnecessarily recording every in-game transaction on a public blockchain. Wemix would be able to achieve this and solve the scalability problem for games and DApps.

The blockchain ecosystem called Wemix aims to give blockchain-based games and DApps the infrastructure they need to run without obstacles such as high gas costs or slow transaction rates. Wemix says these problems were solved by combining features from private and public blockchains and integrating them with intermediate chains through a hybrid structure.

Wemix also says that our middleware reduces barriers to technological entry for conventional game makers by detecting blockchain-related aspects of games and minimizing changes to existing games.

Its ultimate goal is to achieve widespread adoption of blockchain gaming by focusing on the traditional gaming market, which has a billion players. It has a trading volume of $16,786,171 over 24 hours.

Exchange: WEMIX is trading on some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges such as BTCEX, OKX, Bybit, MEXC and Bitget.

Adshares (ADS)

  • Unit price: $2.96
  • Market Cap: $87,837,022
  • Distinct Features: Adshares’ goal is to establish itself as an industry standard for web advertising3. All media, including websites, metaverses, games, social media, VR/AR, and mobile apps, are accessible.

Adshares is a decentralized Web3 advertising protocol created to provide the ad technology industry with blockchain-based advertising software. Blockchain and protocol are the two main parts of the autonomous ecosystem known as Adshares. In this case, the blockchain is in charge of managing the transmission of financial transactions, while the protocol is responsible for managing the transfer of advertising data that runs on the blockchain.

The protocol allows advertisers to control all of their digital advertising from one place and helps publishers and creators make money from their space in the Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibits, websites, and other advertising spaces around the world.

Adshares develops the foundation for decentralized advertising and offers the software to advertisers, marketers, agencies, media organizations, and the advertising technology industry. You can monetize your content by joining the publisher network and making your own ad placement space available. It has a trading volume of $1,224,304 over 24 hours.

Exchange: Adshares at the current rate are traded on these major cryptocurrency exchanges: BitMart, Changelly PRO, QuickSwap and Graviex.

Astrafer (ASTRAFER)

  • Unit price: $3.61
  • Market Cap: $3,579,984
  • Distinct features: Users can rule the galaxy with the player’s organization and company.

According to the website, PHANTOM GALAXIES combines open-world space sims with a fast-paced mech shooter and a captivating story. ASTRAFER is the governance and utility token of the game Phantom Galaxies, in which it is given to players as a reward for missions and through the trade of objects.

Phantom Galaxies is a fast-paced third-person experience that looks and plays exactly like conventional 3D action role-playing games (ARPG) already well known to millions of players, with the significant distinction that will allow players to exercise governance and have real ownership and control of their gaming resources (such as mechs, equipment, avatars and in-game currency) because it makes use of fungible tokens (FT) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The leading multi-chain mecha of science fiction shared online world ARPG is the target of Phantom Galaxies. Phantom Galaxies will serve millions of players and a wide range of design collaborations in a single metaverse experience supporting numerous crypto communities through a multi-chain infrastructure.

Exchange: With a trading volume of $99,041.50 over 24 hours, ASTRAFER is trading at the current rate on QuickSwap.

Vulcan Forged PYR (PYR)

  • Unit price: $3.64
  • Market Cap: $86,962,194
  • Distinct features: With over ten games, a community of over 20,000, and the top five market volumes of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Vulcan Forged is a game studio, marketplace, and trusted non-fungible dApp (NFT) incubator, according to the website.

A Metaverse ecosystem consisting of a blockchain game developer and an NFT marketplace is called Vulcan Forged. They are the creators of VulcanVerse.

CoinMarketCap information shows that Vulcan Forged platforms and games consist of:

  • VulcanVerse is a Greco-Roman fantasy metaverse that encompasses 10,000 virtual lands.
  • Anvil runs an easy game and onboarding of dApps.
  • Vulcan Market is the NFT marketplace for all Vulcan Forged games. It is a gas-free market.
  • Berserk, an online TGG NFT
  • Frenzy allows users to create their own tournament platform using PYR as a reward token.

Vulcan Forged is a one-stop shop for blockchain gaming enthusiasts where players can access well-known games and a sizable NFT market to buy and trade virtual goods in-game. It has a trading volume of $8,638,049 over 24 hours.

Exchange: Vulcan Forged PYR at the current rate is traded live on these major cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, BingX, CoinTiger, Phemex and KuCoin.

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