eToro Account Statement: How to Get It Step by Step

The eToro account statement is a feature that few users know when trading on eToro. eToro has now updated the new interface. We show you how to get the latest eToro account statement.

If you notice an anomaly in your account balance? Or do you want to know precisely what commissions you pay or dividends you receive? The account statement shows us in detail each movement of the account during the reporting period.

How to get an eToro bank statement

  • Click the portfolio, and then select History.
  • Then, click the gear icon and select Account Statement.
  • Interface for forwarding to the bank statement page. And then, you keep choosing the period you want to report and click Create.
  • Users can view the data directly on the platform or export it to PDF or XLS files.

Account statement items

When exporting data, users will have a detailed document during the reporting period, including:

  • Account Summary: Overview of the account summary.
  • Closed Positions: Details of completed orders.
  • Transaction Report: The transaction report explains every movement of the account (opening orders, closing orders, withdrawing money, depositing money, receiving dividends, etc.)
  • Financial Summary: A financial summary explains gains, losses, chargebacks, fees, etc.

Finally, eToro has added some long-awaited information, including ISIN codes and the type of instrument (CFD or Asset Class). Additional personal details, such as name and address, are there to make it easier to file the declaration with local authorities.

Can I see my bank statement on the eToro app?

You can easily view your bank statement on the eToro app.

We take note of the mobile optimization of the function. The account statement is now designed to open in-app on traders’ mobile devices and automatically switches to landscape view to view the full account statement.

What language do eToro statements use?

Account statements are available in 19 languages available on the eToro platform.

What currency is my eToro statement in?

Because the trading currency on eToro is USD. Statements must be in USD. Hopefully, eToro will convert other currencies soon.

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