The Voucher You Deserve 2024: up to 1500 euros in vouchers for workers

Also this year, the initiative “The Good You Deserve 2024″ returns. Aimed at tertiary sector workers in Tuscany, this measure offers vouchers of up to 1,500 euros, which can be used for services that facilitate the reconciliation between work and family life. Let’s see in detail how it works, who can benefit from it and how to request these vouchers

What is the Voucher You Deserve 2024

The Voucher You Deserve 2024 is an income support contribution promoted by the bilateral Tuscan tertiary body (E.Bi.T.Tosc.).

This contribution is intended for tertiary sector workers in Tuscany, whether with a family or single, and offers specific vouchers for reconciliation and family care

The bilateral body of the Tuscan tertiary sector, consisting of Confcommercio-Impresse per l’Italia della Toscana and the regional workers’ unions Filcams CGIL, Fisascat CISL and UILTUCS, has made resources equal to 550,000 euros available for 2024. Applications for the 2024 Voucher You Deserve are open until January 15, 2025

Who is it up to

The Voucher You Deserve 2024 is aimed at workers and workers in the tertiary and service sector in Tuscany. To access the measure, workers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be employees with an indefinite, apprenticeship or fixed-term contract.
  • Have worked at least 4 months in the last 12 months in registered companies and in good standing with the payment of the E.Bi.T.Tosc membership fee.
  • Have an ISEE not exceeding 32,000 euros.

How does the Voucher You Deserve work

The measure provides for the provision of vouchers of up to 1,500 euros to Tuscan commercial and service workers. The vouchers, in digital or paper format, can be used at affiliated stores and services. The managers of the affiliated businesses scan the voucher and the E.Bi.T.Tosc. reimburses the value of the
vouchers accepted in the following month.

There are 14 support measures and each worker can request a maximum of 3, within the limit of 1,500 euros. The measures include:

  • Birth prize of up to 500 euros for new parents.
  • Vouchers for kindergarten or kindergarten fees, up to 300 euros.
  • Summer camp vouchers, up to 500 euros.
  • School textbook vouchers, up to 400 euros.
  • Contributions for self-sufficiency, up to 500 euros for those who are disabled or care for a family member with disabilities.
  • Vouchers for school or home-work transport, up to 150 euros.
  • Vouchers for those who have passed the period of behavior for cancer or lifesaving therapies, up to 200 euros.
  • Vouchers for non-mandatory parental leave, only for men, up to 200 euros.
  • Vouchers for workers in the CIGS or FIS period, up to 400 euros.
  • Scholarships for student workers or children of workers, up to 400 euros.
  • Vouchers for the purchase of hearing aids, dental, orthopedic or optical devices, up to 400 euros.
  • Vouchers for veterinary expenses, up to 250 euros.
  • Vouchers for psychological assistance, up to 400 euros.
  • Vouchers for training courses prepared by E.Bi.T.Tosc in Tuscany, up to 400 euros for those who have attended at least 2 non-compulsory courses of at least 20 hours in total.

How to request the 2024 Voucher You Deserve

To obtain the vouchers for the “The Good You Deserve 2024” program, simply contact one of the Info Points of the trade unions that are members of the body that promotes the initiative, which will handle the application procedure on behalf of the workers. You can find the list on this page.

They will also provide the necessary forms to submit the questions.

Where to spend vouchers

The vouchers can be spent until February 28, 2025 at affiliated businesses. There are shops, recreational centers, businesses selling basic goods and much more. Their continuously updated list, divided by province and product category, is available at the
Info Points.


The application process for the Voucher You Deserve must be initiated through the Info Points by December 31, 2024, while to request the vouchers there is time until January 15, 2025.

The vouchers, then, can be used no later than February 28, 2025.

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