Fourteenth Retired 2024: Who Is Eligible, When, Requirements, Amounts

With the arrival of 2024, eligible retirees will receive an increase in their pension thanks to the fourteenth, paid every year in July or December. This additional amount is paid by the INPS, but only to those who meet specific requirements

In this article, we explain in detail who is entitled to the fourteenth of 2024 pensions, the expected amounts and the payment methods.

What is the Fourteenth of Retirement?

The fourteenth is an additional sum to the pension, paid by the INPS in July or December of each year. It was introduced by Law no. 127 of 3 August 2007 and subsequently amended by Article 1, paragraph 187 of Law no. 232 of 11 December 2016, which expanded the audience of beneficiaries and updated the amounts
to be paid.

This amount should not be confused with the fourteenth in the payroll of employees, which is an additional amount to the ordinary monthly payments provided for by collective employment agreements.

Who is entitled to the Fourteenth?

The fourteenth is for retirees who are at least 64 years old and who:

  • They are entitled to one or more pension treatments charged to Compulsory General Insurance and to the alternative, exclusive and exempt forms of the same, managed by public compulsory pension bodies.
  • They have a total income equal to 1.5 times the minimum treatment and up to twice the minimum annual treatment of the Employee Workers Fund, i.e. up to 11,672.89 euros as established in Circular No. 1 of 02-01-2024.

Excluded from the Fourteenth

They are not allowed at the fourteenth:

  • Pensions affected by State replacement or local government retaliation.
  • Pension treatment for repatriated non-EU workers.
  • The pensions of the former SPORTASS.

When does the Fourteenth arrive?

According to message no. 2362 of 25-06-2024, the fourteenth will be paid ex officio in July 2024 for retirees for whom the INPS already has the necessary income data. Those who meet the personal requirements from July 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024, will receive the additional sum with the December 2024 installment

Those who do not receive the fourteenth, but consider that they are entitled to it, must submit an application for reconstitution online on the INPS website or contact the Patronage Institutes for free assistance.

Income Limits for the Fourteenth 2024

For 2024, the fourteenth is due to retirees with an annual income below specific limits. Since 2017, the amounts have been differentiated according to the income bracket

  • Up to 1.5 times the minimum treatment.
  • Up to 2 times the minimum treatment.

Amounts for the Fourteenth 2024

The amounts of the fourteenth for retirees who receive a check not exceeding 11,672.89 euros per year are:

  • 437 euros for those with less than 15 years of contribution (18 for the self-employed).
  • 546 euros for those with between 15 and 25 years of contribution (18-28 for the self-employed).
  • 655 euros for those with more than 25 years of contribution (more than 28 for the self-employed).

For higher incomes, the amounts are:

  • 336 euros for those with up to 15 years of contribution (18 for the self-employed).
  • 420 euros for those with between 15 and 25 years of contribution (18-28 for the self-employed).
  • 504 euros for those with more than 25 years of contribution (more than 28 for the self-employed).

How to Check If You Are Eligible for the Fourteenth

Pensioners can check if they are entitled to the fourteenth in the MyINPS section, where the pension slip is located. Communications relating to the additional amount are available online and are no longer sent in paper format

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