2024 Gas Bonus at the Start: How to Request It, Requirements, When It Arrives

From September 2024, the fuel bonus will be operational, as required by the Implementing Decree published in the Official Gazette on 24 June 2024. This bonus is intended to support low-income families in coping with rising fuel costs. Here’s everything you need to know about how to apply for it, who can benefit from it and
how much it amounts.

What is the 2024 Fuel Bonus

The 2024 gas bonus is a one-time contribution for families with an ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros per year.

This economic aid, approved by the Energy Decree 2023 and regulated by Decree of 4 June 2024, was initially conceived as a 150 euro bonus, then modified to reach the current amount. The total amount for each beneficiary family is 500 euros

How to Claim a Fuel Bonus

To obtain the 2024 gas bonus, disbursed through the Spending Savings Card, it is not necessary to submit an application online or in other forms. The beneficiaries are identified by the INPS in collaboration with the municipalities, and will receive a communication by 25 July 2024. After receiving the communication, the beneficiaries must go to a Poste Italiane office to collect the prepaid Postepay electronic card. The card, already active, will allow you to use the fuel bonus immediately.

Fuel Bonus Requirements

The fuel bonus is due to those who already have the Spending Savings Card. This means that families with an ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros, according to an order of priority based on the number of family members and the presence of children, will be able to benefit from the bonus. Priority is also given to families with minor children.

Excluded from the Fuel Bonus

Not all families can benefit from the gas bonus. Excluded are families with:

  • Inclusion allowance
  • Any other measure of social inclusion or support for poverty
  • Mobility allowance
  • Solidarity funds for income integration
  • Income Supplementation Fund (CIG)
  • Any other form of wage integration or support in case of involuntary unemployment
  • When does the gas bonus arrive

    The 2024 gas bonus will be available starting in September 2024. The INPS will release the lists of beneficiaries by July 25, 2024, and municipalities will send communications to the beneficiaries
    by September.

    How much is the gas bonus

    The gas bonus is included in the Spending Savings Card, with a total value of 500 euros per household. This contribution is intended to cover part of the fuel costs.

    How the 2024 Fuel Bonus Works

    The fuel bonus works thanks to the agreement with the participating companies, which can offer:

    • An immediate discount on the amount of the replenishment
    • A voucher for a subsequent purchase of fuel

    The companies participating in the initiative communicate the methods of using the discount through their organizational channels.

    Available Resources

    The Government has allocated 100 million euros for the 2024 gas bonus.

    FAQs and Useful Documents

    The Ministry of Economic Development provides an FAQ section to answer the main questions about the bonus. The membership form for companies and the model for associations are also available. Requests for information can be sent via email to [email protected].

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