Incentives for installing LPG and methane systems in cars at the start: how they work

From 19 June 2024, it is possible to access incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems in cars. This incentive, known as “Ecobonus — Retrofit”, provides for a contribution ranging from 400 to 800 euros for the installation of new LPG or methane systems on approved M1 category vehicles. In this guide, we explain how these incentives work, who can benefit from them and
how to apply for them.

What are the incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems

The incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems are economic contributions intended for those who want to convert their gasoline or diesel car up to Euro 4 into an LPG or methane bifuel vehicle. The contributions amount to 400 euros for the installation of LPG systems and 800 euros for natural gas

How to apply for the LPG or CNG bonus for cars

To obtain the Ecobonus — Retrofit, interested parties must contact the installers directly, or authorized workshops, who will apply the discount. Installers must first register on the Ecobonus platform to book incentives, and then they can provide the discount to customers who want
to convert their car.

How do incentives for LPG and methane plants work

Incentives are granted to installers and then transferred to final consumers in the form of a discount. Here are the main steps:

  1. Installers book the incentive through the Ecobonus platform.
  2. The customer contacts the installer for the conversion of the vehicle and receives a discount of 400 or 800 euros on the price of the system.
  3. The installer recovers the contribution from the company building or importing the plant.
  4. The construction company or importer recovers the amounts through a tax credit using the F24 model through the electronic services of the Revenue Agency.

Who are entitled to the incentives

The incentives are due to individuals who install an LPG or methane system on a private M1 car approved in a class not lower than Euro 4. The conditions for accessing the contribution include:

  • The vehicle does not have to already be approved as being powered by LPG or natural gas.
  • The system must be factory-new.
  • The invoice must indicate the discount applied thanks to the state contribution.

How much are the incentives

The incentives are fixed in a fixed amount:

  • 400 euros for the installation of LPG systems.
  • 800 euros for the installation of natural gas systems.

When do 2024 car incentives come into effect

The procedure was initiated by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy to allow installers to register and request incentives. Once this phase is completed, the incentives will also be available to individuals

Resources allocated to incentives

The Government has allocated about 10 million euros for these incentives, divided into:

  • 60% for natural gas plants.
  • 40% for LPG systems.

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