Send Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet

To send Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet, you must first copy the Avalanche Wallet address.

Then, go to your Binance account and go to “Fiat and Spot“.

Select “Withdrawal“, paste the AVAX deposit address and enter the amount.

Finally, complete the verification process.

Processing your withdrawal from Binance to Avalanche Wallet typically takes 2 to 15 minutes to complete. However, it can take longer if the network is congested.

To transfer Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet, an AVAX withdrawal fee of 0.008 will apply. The tariff may vary depending on network congestion and/or the type of network chosen.

Steps to send Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet

  1. Log in to Avalanche Wallet
  2. Copy the address of your Avalanche wallet
  3. Go to Fiat and Spot in Binance
  4. Find AVAX
  5. Paste the Avalanche wallet address and enter the withdrawal amount
  6. Complete the verification process
  7. Check recent transfers

1. Log in to Avalanche Wallet

Create an Avalanche Wallet account if you haven’t installed and created one yet.

After creating an Avalanche Wallet account, visit

Since Avalanche Wallet is an unguarded web wallet, you need to visit the website to access it.

Now you need to select “Access Wallet“.

To access Avalanche Wallet, you need to enter the private key, mnemonic key phrase, keystore file, or connect Ledger.

I chose to insert the key phrase mnemonic. After entering the key phrase, click “Access Wallet“.

2. Copy the Address of your Avalanche wallet

After reaching your Avalanche Wallet account, you will see three types of wallet addresses on the right of your AVAX balance.

Each address has 3 different purposes. The X chain is mainly used to store resources, the P chain is used for staking, and the C chain is used to interact with smart contracts.

MetaMask and other major wallets are only compatible with Avalanche C-chain. If you wish, you can move Avalanche tokens between three chains via the cross-chain feature.

Binance supports AVAX C-chain and AVAX X-Chain. I chose the C-Chain address for its compatibility with other wallets.

Copy the address by clicking on the “Copy” icon.

3. Go to Fiat and Spot in Binance

Sign in to Binance using your credentials, Google Account, Apple Account, or Instant Sign-in option.

Click “Wallet” in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Then, click on “Fiat and Spot” or “Financing Wallet“.

If you bought AVAX via fiat currency/spot trade, you need to click on “Fiat and Spot”.

If you purchased AVAX via P2P trading, you need to click on “Financing Wallet“.

4. Find AVAX

After clicking on “Fiat and Spot or Funding Wallet“, you will see a search box.

Use it to find AVAX.

Once you find AVAX, click “Withdrawal

5. Paste the Avalanche wallet address and enter the withdrawal amount

By clicking “Withdrawal”, you will land in the “Withdrawal” window.

There you have to paste the avalanche Wallet address that you copied in step 2.

After pasting the wallet address, select the “Network” field as “AVAX C-Chain“.

Then, you need to fill in the withdrawal amount in AVAX.

If you want to send all your AVAX to Avalanche Wallet, click “MAX“.

Finally, click “Withdraw“.

Note: A minimum of 0.1 AVAX must be transferred.

6. Complete the verification process

After clicking “Withdraw”, you need to answer some verification questionnaires if you are sending AVAX from Binance for the first time. This is to keep your asset safe.

The first question will be about the type of address. If you are sending AVAX to your Avalanche wallet, you must select “My personal wallet address“.

If not, you need to select the D or E options.

The next or last question will be to acknowledge the fact that withdrawals cannot be revoked.

After completing the verification questionnaire, you will see a withdrawal confirmation popup.

Check the address and network again and click “Continue“.

After clicking Continue, you will come to the security check page.

There you need to enter the OTP sent to your registered email and mobile phone to proceed with the transfer.

Immediately after completing the security confirmation, you will see a “Withdrawal request sent” pop-up.

Click “Complete”.

7. Check recent transfers

After receiving the withdrawal notification, you can go ahead and check in the “Recent Withdrawals” section.

Just scroll down to reach the “Recent Withdrawals” section on the “Withdrawal” window page.

You can also check the recent transaction on the “Avalanche Wallet” on the right side. Sometimes the transaction history will not be updated there. In such cases, you can check the “Tokens” tab for the AVAX token.


Transferring Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet is a simple task.

However, you need to be very careful when choosing the network and paste the wallet address.

The network must be the same at both the sender and recipient ends. Otherwise, you will lose your asset.

No one, including Binance, will be able to revoke the transaction. Then, paste the correct address.

You can also view the transaction details on the Avalanche C-Chain SnowTrace explorer by entering the transaction ID.

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