FROM. E: what it is and how to get it

AI is predominantly affecting every area of human life. OpenAI is one of the leading AI research firms that has created a cutting-edge AI model program called GPT-3 that influences the content creation process in general. With the launch of DALL. And 2, they are once again going to upset the creative world of art.

In this article, we explained how we gained access to DALL. And 2 and you will learn how to use DALL.E.

What is DALL. And?

From. And it is a new artificial intelligence system developed by capable of creating realistic images and works of art from textual descriptions. FROM. And 2 generates more realistic and accurate shots with resolutions 4 times higher than the previous version.

Here’s an example

Here, you can see that the text input was “a Matisse oil painting of a humanoid robot playing chess” and the results were delivered against the text input. You can convert any idea into creative digital art. You can also request stock photos, portraits, 3D images, and logos.

How I got DALL. E 2 Access

Before the end of August, the tool was only available to a few thousand people. Currently, the OpenAI team is planning to make DALL. It is available to more than a million people. Open.AI accept users on a first-come, first-served basis you will gain access to the tool before you apply.

I took the DALL. And 2 Access in 5 days. Because OpenAI accepts more users than ever before.

We covered in detail how I got access to DALL. And in the following process.

Go to and click on the Subscribe to waiting list options.

Enter your details in the form to enter the waiting list for DALL. And access. Be sure to enter the legitimate details and also exit your social link.

After successfully submitting the form, you will receive a response like this from their end.

You will also receive the DALL. And email waiting list to registered email address. Here I have attached the email I received from

Within five days I received an invitation to create with DALL. E” mail from the team. You can click the “Start” link in your mail to access DALL.E.

Currently, the team is accepting more users than ever before. My friend Gowtham took the DALL. And access within three days. You don’t need to be an artist or influencer with huge followers to be invited. Feel free to apply and you will get DALL. And 2 access within 5 days.

From. Prices E

Every DALL. The user will receive 50 free credits during the first month of use and 15 free credits for each subsequent month.

Each credit can be used for an original DALL. Generation E Prompt that returns four images. A credit will be applied every time a prompt is entered and the user hits generate or variations.

Currently, they are charging 115 credit increments to $15 in addition to their free monthly credits. With 115 credits you can generate up to more than 460 images.

From. Restrictions E

Currently, they are allowed to upload images of people without their consent, including public figures.

They are preventing malicious images that violate their content policies.

From. And it prevents the creation of public figures including celebrities and prominent public figures.


Artificial intelligence is rapidly disrupting every other industry. Looking forward to seeing how DALL. And it will affect the creative field. Sometimes it’s scary to see if he replaces the artist. Creators should take advantage of DALL. And in content productions.

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