Optimism (OP) price forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2050

The Optimism (OP) as a suggested name by the project aims to accelerate the scaling of Ethereum with the layer 2 blockchain solution. The main purpose of launching your own network is to provide low-cost and faster transactions. The project started in June 2019 with the introduction of the optimistic rollup and in December 2021 they launched their main network.

The Optimism (OP) is completely open source and decentralized along with that provides an authorizationless and secure network.

Project will work as unprofitable organizations, and all earnings for profit will be dedicated to launching new products on the network. The Optimism (OP) will have its own network and in the future we may see the latest updates on the network that include partitioned rollup, decentralized sequencer and more.

Optimism (OP) kept it simple, as it used ethereum code and the fundamental network. So, the codes in Optimism will remain simple and easy to understand that will help anyone work directly with the existing database. The project aims to become the largest scaling solution for Ethereum with the highest total volume locked. as per report, Network is already home to over 35+ protocol and mainly involved in popular decentralized exchanges and applications.

Optimism (OP) Price forecast

Month & Year OP price forecasting
September 2022 US$ 1.6
October 2022 US$ 2.3
September 2022 US$ 2.6
December 2022 US$ 2.7
January 2023 US$ 2.9
February 2023 US$ 2.2
April 2023 US$ 2.6
April 2023 US$ 2.8
May 2023 US$ 3.4
June 2023 US$ 3.4
September 2023 US$ 3.7
December 2023 $4.0
April 2024 $3.9
July 2024 US$ 4.5
October 2024 US$ 4.1
January 2025 US$ 4.6
February 2025 US$ 10.1
April 2025 US$ 10.4
April 2025 US$ 11.4
May 2025 US$ 11.6
June 2025 US$ 11.9
July 2025 US$ 13.3
July 2025 US$ 15.4
September 2025 US$ 14.0
October 2025 US$ 13.7
October 2025 US$ 16.1
December 2025 US$ 16.5
January 2030 US$ 35.5
April 2030 US$ 37.7
May 2030 US$ 42.3
July 2030 US$ 39.0
September 2030 US$ 44.9
December 2030 US$ 46.5

Optimism Overview (OP)

Project name Optimism (OP)
Ticker symbol Op
Total supply 4,294,967,296
Official website
Based on Layer 2 Solution
Launch year 2019
network Optimism (OP)
Exchange platform Binance, Gate, Kucoin, OKX, Global Huobi
wallet Metamask

Analysis of OP token prices

OP is governance and utility token of the Optimism ecosystem with distribution as ecosystem fund, retroactive financing of public goods, user airdrops, core contributors and investors. The token holder will get their reward from the sequence revenue model, which is currently the top priority in the roadmap. However, the revenues of the OP tokens will be distributed public goods that target the demand for blockspace.

According to CMC and CoinGecko OP tokens listed with price $0.91 USD on Binance, Huobi and other level 1 exchanges. However, after the start of the bear market of the token quotation, where the value of the token fell below $ 0.50 USD. Following the attack on the Optimism network, the hacker stole over $24 million tokens, but 95% of the token later returned by the hacker himself to ethereum’s founding wallet. During this period, the OP token continues to follow a constant price chart and now from July 2022 continues to follow upward trends. The price of the OP token rose from $0.47 to $2.22 USDT in less than a month. Now, the token is trying to build resistance to the $1.60 USD price level and if market sentiment remains neutral, we could see OP reach a new all-time high before the end of 2022.


The Optimism (OP) immediately after the launch blocked in major controversies in that network was hacked, but the value of the token was recovered much faster than expected. The project has great utility and a strong roadmap that points to many potential networked projects. Optimism (OP) has gained a huge market volume in less than 3 months of listing and is already able to maintain the ranking among the top 200 projects by market capitalization. Optimism token (OP) already listed on the main exchange and decentralized environment is already listed.

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