Stepn (GMT) Price Forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Ready for new trends, Stepn with Move to earn is ready to change trends in the blockchain industry. M2E is a simple concept, where each user will be rewarded for walking, running and performing different activities. Stepn combines with the biggest innovation that includes the Game-Fi and Social-Fi element to build the Web3 lifestyle.

We know, the world is turning into Web 3.0 for this Stepn has launched a mobile application that includes mobile wallet, tracking information, NFT market and many more.

The user can buy sneakers, can perform activities being a runner, jogger and walker. Mobile provides every detail to the user that includes carbon offsetting, distance running, calories burned.

To get started, the user has to perform a simple task just download and then buy sneakers and ready to use. However, the reward gain is not constant, as the gain from increasing the level of your account will increase. As there are several ways to increase your daily earnings in in-game currency. 10,000 NFT Shoeboxes will be launched into the air at early adopters, where the user does not need to mint NFT. Like, the physical copy will be delivered to the user’s address. NFTs already listed on the Magicden market, can be exchanged for SOL currency.

Stepn Price Forecast (GMT)

Month & Year Stepn Price Forecast (GMT)
September 2022 $0.873
October 2022 $1,296
September 2022 $1,446
December 2022 $1,531
January 2023 $1,648
February 2023 $1,224
April 2023 $1,446
April 2023 $1,589
May 2023 $1,882
June 2023 $1,921
September 2023 $2,097
December 2023 $2,240
April 2024 $2,169
July 2024 $2.527
October 2024 $2,312
January 2025 $2,573
February 2025 $5,640
April 2025 $5.796
April 2025 $6,383
May 2025 $6,480
June 2025 US$ 6.643
July 2025 US$ 7.425
July 2025 US$ 8.597
September 2025 $7.841
October 2025 $7,685
October 2025 US$ 8.988
December 2025 US$ 9.248
January 2030 US$ 19,864
April 2030 US$ 21.101
May 2030 US$ 23.706
July 2030 US$ 21.818
September 2030 US$ 25.139
December 2030 US$ 26.051

Stepn’s Overview

Project name Stepn •
Ticker symbol Gmt
Total supply 6,000,000,000
Official website
Based on social life
Launch year 2021
network Solana
Exchange platform Binance, Gate, Pancakeswap, Kucoin, FTX, Huobi Global.
wallet Own wallet

GMT price analysis

Public GMT token sale hosted on Binance launchpad, where each BNB holder receives tokens based on their stake amount. The full GMT form is Green Metaverse Token and is acting as a stepn ecosystem governance token. GMT is said to be a huge success, as it has earned 10 times from the public sale price and after reaching $3 USD token recorded a growth of 299 times. GMT currently enters the top 70 crypto projects sorted by market cap volume and since Binance launchpads had the advantage of getting Binance listed. Currently, GMT tends on coinmarket and coingecko people who consider this token as an investment and also people also looking for ways to earn GMT by performing tasks.

ICO gmt Overview

Platform used Binance Launchpad |
Generated by $4,200,000 USD
Date of the ICO 9th March 2022
ICO Price $0.01 USD
partner Sequoia, Folius Ventures, Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Defi Allianc, Corner Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, openspace.


Stepn is the blockchain innovation for a better lifestyle that encourages people to go outdoors and do some walking, running, and other activities. Stepn is one of the best Web 3.0 innovations that include gaming, NFT, and earnings. Stepn introduced the move to earn system and other projects will be merged in the future. Stepn set a new milestone, as more than 300,000 people joined on the social media platform. The Stepn mobile app available on Android and iOS devices and app download has reached the milestone of 100k. Team working hard to complete the roadmap milestone and more precise features will be added in the future that will attract more fitness lovers.

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