Minimum trading volume on

Each exchange has its own requirements for the trading volume of each asset. The same goes for trading on You need to know this information to be proactive in your trading plan. So, what is the minimum trading volume requirement on And if you don’t have enough capital, how can you open profitable trades? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is the minimum trading volume on

Different assets will have different minimum trading volume requirements. In particular, the minimum trading volume on is as follows:

  • Forex (forex): 1000
  • Stock: 1
  • Cryptocurrency: 0.01
  • Goods: 0.1
  • Index: 0.1

How to trade with larger volumes?

When you only have a small capital and want to trade with larger volumes, you can use leverage.

Leverage is simply understood as a temporary loan that the exchange provides you, allowing you to make an exchange of value many times greater than your existing trading account for a worthy profit. from the small price movement.

For example, you only have $200 in your margin account. You want to execute a purchase order with Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin at the time of writing is $50,000/BTC. According to the minimum trading volume requirement for cryptocurrencies on is 0.01, you will need a minimum capital of $500. Then you will have to use leverage.

Or even, you have $1,000 in your margin account. You want to execute a buy order with a larger size of $10,000 to increase profits. At that time, you can also use the x10 leverage tool to increase the total investment amount to $10,000.

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