Binance: Complete Guide from A to Z

“Binance’s Complete Guide from A to Z” is a series on binance exchange. Binance exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance has a reputation for its high security, fast liquidity and fast and stable trading system (processing 1.4 million orders per second). The most important for Binance to attract cryptocurrency traders are its transaction fees if you use BNB – the currency of the Binance exchange.

Before diving into the tutorial series, you can refer to the article:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Is Binance a Scam?
  • Beginner’s Guide to Binance Exchange

This series will comprise two parts as follows:

The Complete Guide to Binance Accounts

General instructions for Binance

  • Sign up for a Binance account via the web in 2 minutes
  • Register for Binance on your phone
  • How to Enable 2FA Google Authenticatior on Binance?
  • How to Enable SMS Authentication on Binance?
  • How to verify your Binance account
  • How to add a bank account to a Binance account

General instructions for use on the Binance platform

  • Introducing the homepage interface and special features on Binance
  • How to transfer coins between Binance wallets
  • How to get a coin wallet address on Binance
  • Instructions for transferring coins from Binance to another exchange and vice versa
  • Trading fees on Binance and how to optimize trading fees
  • Introducing Binance Features: P2P Trading, Spot, Futures, Margin
  • How to View Withdrawal History, Transaction History on Binance
  • How to View Profit and Loss on Binance
  • What Is Trade Coin on Binance? Learn more about binance trading orders
  • Investment Binance: Save Coins and Earn on Binance

Instructions regarding trading features on the Binance exchange

P2P Features:

  • What Is Binance P2P Trading? Notes when trading P2P Binance
  • How to buy coins on binance with fiat money faster?
  • How to withdraw money from the Binance exchange – selling coins on Binance is the easiest and safest.

Features of Binance Spot Trading

  • What Is Binance Spot Trading? Learn about spot order types and spot portfolios
  • How to buy coins through Spot Binance

Binance Futures Features

  • What is Binance futures trading? Things to Know Before Trading Futures
  • Open a futures account and transfer money to a future account
  • Answers to the binance futures quiz before trading on Future Binance

Binance Margin Features

  • Binance Margin Guide: Notes to Know to Avoid Losing Money While Trading
  • Instructions for opening an account and trading Binance Margin
  • Quiz answers when opening a Binance Margin account

Features of Binance Launchpad

  • What Is Binance Launchpad? How to make money on Launchpad

Binance Earn Features

  • How to use the Binance Savings feature?
  • What Is DOT Slot Auction? Details on how to participate to get the most rewards
  • What Is Locked Staking Binance? Way to Block Staking
  • What is BNB Vault? How to use BNB Vault?
  • What Is Binance Launchpool? How to make money with Binance Lauchpool?
  • What is ETH 2.0 staking? How to bet ETH 2.0 on Binance?
  • What Is Liquid Swap Binance? How to make money on Binance Liquid Swap?
  • What Is Defi Staking? How to bet Defi on Binance?
  • What Is Dual Investment Binance? How to make money with Dual Investment?

NFT Binance Features

  • What Is NFT Binance? How to buy and sell Binance NFT?
  • Create Binance NFT step by step in detail

Common mistakes when using Binance

  • How to Debug Failed Facial Verification on Binance Account
  • Binance does not send SMS
  • Do Not Deposit Coins in Binance – Causes and Solutions
  • Unable to Access Your Binance Account: Causes and Solutions
  • How to get 2FA code to access Binance account?
  • The fastest way to delete a Binance account and disable a Binance account
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