Log in to your MetaTrader 4 account from your mobile phone allows users to open a MetaTrader4 account quite easily. MT4 mobile trading is becoming popular among traders. This article will guide you through logging into your MT4 account on

Step 1: Open a user account by following the link below:

Step 2: Download MT4 trading platform

  • Link to download MT4 for iPhone HERE
  • Link to download MT4 for Android HERE

Step 3: Get the login information to your MT4 account

To get your MT4 account login information, log in to your user account on the home page, then do the following:

  • Click [Settings] in the left corner of the screen:

Step 4: In the [My Accounts] section, in the [Live Accounts] section, in the MT4 account you just opened in step 1, click [Login Details].

Here, you will see the login account number information and server information. You need to save this information to access the MT4 software in the next step.

Step 5: Open the MT4 software you just downloaded on your phone, select the Settings tab

Step 6: Select [New Account]

Step 7: Select [Sign in to an existing account]

Step 8: Locate the [Server] that corresponds to the login information provided in step 3.

Step 9: Enter your login information and select [Login]

  • Sign In: sign-in ID provided in step 3
  • Password: The login password for the account

Right after that, you have successfully logged into your MT4 account Above are instructions on how to log in to your metaTrader4 account on mobile. We hope that, with this article, you can quickly log in and use this trading platform at any time.

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