Binance Verification Code: How to Fix If It Doesn’t Arrive

The binance verification code is a form of two-factor security in addition to the account login password. Two-tier security makes user accounts more secure. However, the error that Binance is not sending the verification code can make it difficult for users to log in and use Binance. The following article learns the causes and how to fix binance verification code verification error not working.

What is a Binance verification code?

The binance verification code is a 2-factor security key (2FA) that improves account security. A Binance account with 2-factor authentication must have at least two forms of security enabled, including a password and an additional layer of security. Many popular forms of additional security (2FA) on Binance, including email, SMS, and the Google Authenticator app or security key.

Pros and cons of different forms of 2FA:

Module 2FA advantage disadvantage
E-mail/SMS Convenient, easy to use Can be hacked/spoofed phone number, email
No need to install additional apps There may be an error of not receiving emails, SMS
Google Authenticator High security If the device is lost, the application may be lost (if there is no backup key)
It does not require a phone or wifi signal, so it is very stable You must install additional external applications

How to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA)?

Account access is required to enable 2-factor security to receive binance verification codes. If you don’t have an account, register using the link below:

After logging in to Binance, go to Account Management and select [Security]

On the [Security] page, click [Enable] with the verification code method you want to use.

Follow the next steps to link your Binance account to your phone or email number or Google Authenticator.

Why doesn’t Binance send SMS verification as a code?

  • Binance’s SMS verification code sending system is overloaded
  • No network signal or unstable signal.
  • The user activates the function of blocking telephone messages.
  • Phone memory full

How to Fix Binance Not Sending SMS Verification Code?

  • Faced with this situation, the user can turn off the phone and restart it.
  • Users try to move to another area with a better phone signal.
  • Check your phone’s sms settings to make sure you don’t block Binance verification code messages.
  • Delete messages stored on your phone for you to receive new messages.
  • If you are unable to receive the SMS verification code from Binance after trying the above methods, you can try again after 30 minutes or switch to voice call verification by clicking [Try Voice Verification].

Why is Binance’s email verification code not working?

  • The user’s email account is not logged in, so there is no notification to receive new emails.
  • The mailbox is full, you can not receive new emails.
  • Your e-mail system is not stable.
  • Email account settings block emails from Binance or Binance emails automatically go to Spam

How to Fix Binance Not Sending Verification Code Error?

2FA error entering Google Authenticator verification code on Binance

  • Time settings on computers and phones are out of sync. Maybe your computer or phone is setting the wrong time.
  • Web browser errors or caching are other account information that should cause conflicts.
  • The Google Authenticator app has encountered a system error.

How to Fix [2FA Code Error]?

  • Check the time on your phone and computer, you should install automatic sync to avoid this error.
  • Use an incognito browser to access Binance or clear the cache and cookies on the web browser you are using.
  • Try signing in with the Binance app.
  • If after experiencing all the 2FA error still not working, reinstall Google Authenticator on your phone and in Binance.

There are many different possible causes why Binance does not send verification codes. Usually, if sending 2FA codes fails, the user can try another method. Alternatively, users can access Binance by scanning the QR code. If the new attempt fails too many times, the Binance account may be blocked. Users can contact Binance Support.

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