“Off quotes” error in MT4: How to fix the problem

Online trading brings many advantages and convenience to traders. However, sometimes trading errors occur while using the trading platform. For example, the message “Off Quotes” is a fairly common mistake when trading on MT4. Then you will have to find out why you are getting this error and how to fix it. In this article, we will explain the causes and how to fix the Off Quotes error on MT4.

What is the “Off quotes” error in MT4?

MT4 error 136 is intended as a quote error on the MT4 software, so you won’t see currency pair quote updates in the Market Watch window (on the desktop) or in the Quotes tab on mobile devices, or you can’t execute the trade at the market price.

Why does the “Off quotes” error occur?

There are many causes for the “Off quotes” error on MT4, such as poor internet connection, significant market volatility and execution errors with the broker’s server. As follows:

Typically, if the MT4 platform does not receive the order price from the broker’s or liquidity provider’s server, the quote will not be displayed on MT4.

Internet Connection Problems: Poor internet connection is a fairly common reason for error 136. When placing an order, if your MT4 platform loses its internet connection or fails to connect to the broker’s server, MT4 will display an “Off quotes” error in the order window.

The broker’s or liquidity provider’s server refuses to execute orders: Sometimes, brokers or liquidity providers refuse orders because there is no price corresponding to the bid/ask traders’ offer on MT4.

For example, you place a EURUSD short position at 1.2020 with a maximum deviation of 5 pips. At the same time, the broker offers a maximum sale price of 1.2010. Thus, the price offered by the broker exceeded the limit of deviation from the ordered price. Therefore, your order will be rejected to be executed and the MT4 platform will display “quotes off”. Such a problem usually occurs when the market is highly volatile and the broker cannot match the real-time market prices provided by the MT4 platform.

How to Fix “Off quotes” error in MT4?

Here are some ways to fix the “off quotes” error on MT4:

1. Set a greater maximum deviation

In the MT4 order execution window, you can set the maximum deviation in the pip range for your orders. The maximum deviation allows you to specify an acceptable range of pips if the order cannot be executed at the requested price.

For example, you set a maximum deviation of 2 pips, which means that you accept that the execution price can be two pips (higher or lower) than the asking price.

In this way, you can reduce the number of rejected orders, which is especially useful during the high volatility of the market. Even if there is a slippage, the broker can still provide you with an order price within the deviation margin.

To maximize the deviation, go to Tools > Options > trade tab > under Default for deviation, click Default. Then enter the pip number, click OK and place the order again.

Please note that for 5-digit prices, a deviation of 30 pips means three pips. For 4-digit prices, the deviation of three pips means three pips.

2. Customize EA MT4

If you’re using eA for order execution and have trouble with quotes, you can make some changes to your EA code. All you have to do is set the maximum number of X times until the broker server executes the order.

3. Check your internet connection

Due to poor internet connection, disconnection or lag between the MT4 platform and the broker’s server may occur. So, whenever you notice more off-quote than usual, check your internet connection and make sure that MT4 is online and has no problem connecting to the servers of the broker you signed up with for an account.

After maximizing spreads and checking your internet connection, if you still have problems with quotes, contact your broker for assistance.

It can be said that frequent “off quotes” errors will seriously affect the results and profits of trading, especially for day traders. The fact is that when you can identify the reason behind the MT4 error 136, you can quickly fix it by taking reasonable corrective measures. However, if your broker has a support desk to handle this, you probably won’t need to step in much. Therefore, choosing the right and reliable broker plays a vital role in avoiding mistakes when trading on the software.

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