Binance Lite: what it is and how it works

What Is Binance Lite? Binance Lite is a scaled-down version of the Binance app. This version makes it easy for new users to learn Binance to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, track market prices, manage wallet balances, or use Binance Earn products. The following article helps readers better understand the interface of the Lite version and how to use some of its features.

What Is Binance Lite?

Binance Lite is a minimalist version of the Binance app that helps users use some of the basic features of the Binance platform.

The Lite version has a user-friendly interface and easy to use for beginners. In particular, the Lite version also offers better performance than the Pro version for mobile devices with low operating system versions.

Currently, Binance Lite is the default interface when users are using the Binance app for the first time. Users can easily switch between Lite and Pro modes at any time.

Compare Binance Lite vs Pro

The interface of the two versions Lite and Pro, are completely different. The Lite version is simpler and more intuitive, suitable for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. People who prefer to use the Lite version are usually long-term buyers and holders of cryptocurrencies. The Lite version can be understood as the shortened version for users who do not use many of Binance’s complex trading and investment features. On the contrary, the Pro version offers users full access to Binance’s functions from trading, investing, to viewing charts. Those who often trade cryptocurrencies or want to use the first features other investors in the Binance ecosystem.

Binance Lite | Binance Pro
interface There are only three main tabs: Market, Trade and Wallet There are multiple tabs, with full Binance features in the Home tab
Trading function Only the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies from fiat (P2P trading) and basic conversion between cryptocurrencies. Binance Pro has all the trading features of Binance: Spot, Future, Margin.
table Just a baseline chart and simple pricing information A candlestick chart has technical indicators, drawing features and detailed price information.
wallet Show asset value summary on Fiat and Spot wallet Show asset details in each type of portfolio
Binance Earn Only BNB Vault and flexible savings Full range of products: flexible savings, fixed savings, fixed staking, assets, launchpools, liquidity swaps, double investment and BNB Vault

The interface and features of the Lite version of the Binance app

Binance Lite is the default mode when users download and access the Binance app for the first time on their phone. On the interface of the Lite version, there are three main features: Market, Trade and Wallet.

Markets: On the Markets page, users see the prices of popular cryptocurrencies with blue or red lines that show the asset’s price trend over a given period. Cryptocurrencies are sorted by popularity, market cap, price, or 24-hour exchange rate.

Trade: When clicking the [Trade] button, the user can use Buy, Sell or Convert. To buy a cryptocurrency, select [Buy], select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, select the fiat currency you want to use, enter the amount to buy and select the payment method and press [Confirm]. Similarly, to sell cryptocurrencies in the Binance wallet, select [Sell] and to convert between different cryptocurrencies, select [Convert].

Wallet: On the Wallet page, users can view the assets in the Binane Spot wallet. Users can deposit, withdraw, or switch to the Binance Earn feature on the Wallet page by clicking [Earn].

How to switch to Binance Pro version?

To upgrade to the Pro version of Binance, click the symbol in the upper-left corner of the Markets page to access the Dashboard, then select the enable button next to the word Biance Lite on the dashboard page.

Has the above article just helped readers better understand what Binance Lite is? Overall, using Binance Lite is quite convenient for those who are new or don’t need to trade or invest in Binance’s complex features. In particular, users can easily switch between versions in a single application, so they can quickly experience both Binance Lite and Pro to choose the most suitable version.

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