Aid for families in difficulty with low incomes in 2024

In 2024, numerous grants are available for families in economic difficulty and with low incomes. This aid includes subsidies, economic contributions and concessions for those with a low ISEE or an income below a certain threshold. In this guide, we explore in detail what help is available, who it is for and how it works

Types of aid for families in difficulty

    Social Allowance

  1. The social allowance is an economic contribution of a welfare nature provided by the INPS, equal to 534.41 euros for 2024.

    It is paid 13 monthly payments to those who are in disadvantaged economic conditions. This help is closely linked to the family’s ISEE

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  3. Purchasing Card The Purchasing Card is a prepaid electronic payment card worth 40 euros per month, with a credit of 80 euros every two months. This card is intended for low-income families to help with daily expenses
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  5. 2024 Bill Bonus The bill bonus is a measure to help families cope with rising electricity and gas costs. It is awarded to citizens and families with ISEE up to 9,530 euros, or up to 20,000 euros for families with at least four dependent children
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  7. Inclusion Allowance Since January 1, 2024, the Inclusion Allowance has been active, which has replaced Citizenship Income. This check is intended for families with an ISEE not exceeding 9,360 euros and can vary from 480 to 6,000 euros per year, with an increase of 3,360 euros per year in the case of rent.
  8. Training and Work Support This support is aimed at ’employable’ people who have lost their Citizenship Income. It offers a monthly allowance of 350 euros for a maximum of 12 months, to individuals between 18 and 59 years old with an ISEE not exceeding 15,000
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  10. Spending Savings Card The Spending Savings Card, issued by municipalities, is intended for families with an ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros. It also includes a gas bonus for a total amount of 500 euros.
  11. Health Ticket Payment Exemption Families with low income can request exemption from paying the health ticket. This exemption is available for those with a very low ISEE, including recipients of social benefits or minimum pensions.
  12. Food Income Food Income is a new experimental aid to combat absolute poverty and food waste. It consists of the provision of food packages for those with low incomes, identified by the municipalities that are the capital
  13. cities of metropolitan cities.

  14. Culture Charter for Disadvantaged Families The Culture Card is intended for families with an ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros and has a value of 100 euros. It allows you to buy books, services and digital products.
  15. Disabled Child Parents Bonus This bonus, up to 500 euros per month, is for unemployed, single or single-income parents with disabled children. The ISEE must not exceed 3,000 euros to access the contribution
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  17. Scholarships The INPS provides scholarships for students at various levels, mainly related to the ISEE or to household income. Scholarships favor families in economic difficulty
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  19. Contributions for School Books The Italian regions offer bonuses for the purchase of school books to families with a low ISEE. This contribution can be economic, in the form of a voucher or concession
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  21. Late Rent Bonus Tenants in economic difficulty can request access to the Fund for Innocent Delinquency, managed by the Regions. The value of the ISEE model must not exceed 7,086.94 euros, with the possibility
  22. of regional variations.

  23. RAI Fee Exemption The exemption from paying the RAI fee is intended for the elderly over 75 and with an income of less than 8,000 euros. The exemption may be requested if the electricity user contract is in the name of the interested person.

Other help for families in difficulty

In addition to specific subsidies and bonuses, in 2024 there is aid for those who are looking for work, have lost their jobs or live in difficult conditions. For more information, we recommend consulting the guides on bonuses for the unemployed and unemployed mothers, as well as the list of bonuses linked to the ISEE
active in 2024.

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