New disabled bonus for events and shows: a complete guide

The new disability bonus for events and shows is a legislative proposal currently under discussion, aimed at guaranteeing free access to cultural, sporting and entertainment events for people with disabilities and their companions. This guide explores in detail the bill, how it works, and potential benefits for the disabled community

What is the new disability bonus for events and shows?

The bill, presented by the Democratic Party deputy Marco Furfaro, introduces a bonus that obliges event organizers to reserve a proportional number of free tickets for people with disabilities and at least one companion for each person with serious disabilities.

This incentive aims to promote social inclusion and to guarantee the right to cultural and social participation for everyone

How the bonus will work

If approved, the law provides for an automatic bonus activation mechanism. Here’s how it’ll work in practice

  1. Communication and transparency:
    • The organizers must declare the total number of tickets available and those reserved for the disabled and their companions right from the pre-sale phase.
    • A dedicated telephone contact will be established to provide detailed information on the use of the event.
  2. Free guarantee:
    • Even in the case of outsourcing the sale of tickets, the organizers must ensure free admission to a companion for each person with severe disabilities, upon presentation of the European Disability Card.

Objectives of the measure

The main objective is to encourage the participation of people with disabilities in events, thus promoting social and cultural inclusion. This legislative instrument wants to break down the economic and logistical barriers that often limit the access of people with disabilities to
public events.

Timelines and prospects

The disabled bonus for events and shows will be operational once Bill No. 1867 has been approved and the implementing decrees have been published. Currently, the proposal is under parliamentary discussion and further legislative developments are expected

Text of the bill

Bill No. 1867, entitled “Provisions to guarantee people with disabilities the right to participate in cultural, sporting and entertainment shows and events”, was presented on 14 May 2024. Once approved, this legislation will provide a clear and structured legal framework for implementing the bonus

Other aid for the disabled

In addition to the new bonus for events and shows, there are other benefits and supports for people with disabilities active in 2024. These include:

  • Aid in schools: specific benefits for students with disabilities.
  • Civil disability application: guide on how to submit the request.
  • Disability card: new ways to obtain the European disability card.
  • Single allowance for disabled children: information on increases and how to request.
  • Extraordinary leave 104: details on leave for assistance to disabled family members.
  • Caregiver bonus 2024: financial support for those who care for people with disabilities.
  • Home support contributions: guide to home care contributions.
  • Car purchase bonus: concessions for the purchase of vehicles for people with disabilities.
  • New disability portal: online resources dedicated to people with disabilities.

The new disability bonus for events and shows represents a significant step towards the inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities in the cultural and social life of the country. Stay updated on the latest legislative news and other benefits available for 2024, continuing to follow the dedicated information channels

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