Aid for the unemployed over 50 in 2024: what are they and how to request them

In 2024, numerous grants and benefits are available for the unemployed over 50. These economic benefits and work reintegration programs are designed to support those who have lost their jobs or cannot find one. In this guide, we explore what help is available, who it is for, and how to request

What is the aid for the unemployed over 50 in 2024

Aid for the unemployed over 50 includes economic subsidies, contributions for free vocational training, income support and work reintegration programs.

This aid was introduced or confirmed by the 2024 budget law and other government decrees

Bonus 1000 euros for the unemployed (SAR)

The Income Support Bonus (SAR) is an allowance of 780 or 1,000 euros for the unemployed, including those over 50, who have worked under an administration contract. The amount varies depending on the accumulated working days


The NASPI is the monthly unemployment benefit for workers with an employment contract who have lost their jobs unintentionally. The maximum amount is 1,550.42 euros in 2024. It does not apply in the case of voluntary resignation, with a few exceptions


Holders of coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts can apply for DIS-COLL in 2024. The allowance is provided by the INPS and has a maximum amount of
1,550.42 euros.

Inclusion check

As of
January 1, 2024, the inclusion allowance replaces the Citizenship Income. The value ranges from a minimum of 480 euros per year to a maximum of 6,000 euros per year, with additions per rent. It is aimed at families with disabled people, minors, the elderly over 60 or people in disadvantaged situations

Training and work support

Training and Employment Support (SFL) replaces Citizenship Income as of September 1, 2023. Aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 59 in economic difficulties, it provides an allowance of 350 euros per month for participation in training courses and projects useful to the community

Relocation check

The relocation allowance (AdR) is an active policy measure that offers vouchers for intensive care services in the job search. It is not a sum of money, but a voucher that can be spent at Employment Centers or other accredited individuals

Housewives bonus

The housewives bonus funds training institutions to offer free courses to housewives and homemakers, including those over 50. It is not a cash contribution, but a training service to help reintegrate into the labor market

Discontinuity allowance for entertainment workers

The discontinuity allowance for entertainment workers, including those over 50, is an economic support of about 1,500 euros to protect these categories during periods of inactivity.

ISCRO 2024

The extraordinary income and business continuity allowance (ISCRO) is income support for VAT holders. The 2024 budget law made this measure structural as of January 1.

Agricultural unemployment

Agricultural unemployment benefit is intended for employed agricultural workers and equivalent figures. The maximum amount for 2024 is 1,321.53 euros

Social allowance

The social allowance is an economic contribution of 534.41 euros for 2024, paid by the INPS for 13 monthly payments to people in disadvantaged economic conditions.

Health ticket payment exemption

Those with a low income and are unemployed can obtain the exemption of the health ticket, which covers part of public health benefits.

Contribution for parents with disabled children

This contribution offers up to 500 euros per month to unemployed or single-income parents with disabled children. Applications for 2024 may be submitted to the INPS when the procedure is open

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