Wootrade (Woo) price forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Wootrade is the trading platform founded in 2019 that intends to innovate trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Wootrade highly promoted as a blackpool trading exchange with more improved and significant features. The platform offers extremely higher liquidity, has a tighter spread between major competing trades. Since the project was launched in 2019 by the management of Kronos, where the main goal is to provide zero transactions and even get negative transactions for each operation.

Wootrade puts all efforts into rebuilding or revanovating cryptocurrency trading with an efficient and high-performing market. we know that trading has completely changed and daily transactions reach new heights, but issues such as low liquidity, higher fees and trading manipulation are still unresolved. Wootrade will solve all trading problems aimed at institutional, individual and retail trades with the help of redesigned incentive mechanisms.

Wootrade referred to as Darkpool or alternative trading system, as it works similarly to other exchanges, but here the user can interact privately with each other. however, Dark pool in one is very important for any exchange that will help in prices and liquidity. as of now, Wootrade announces that it is just a platform that offers zero trading fees and solid liquidity for both sports and trade trading of futures. WooTrade will use its own interface using a customized and intuitive interface.

Wootrade Price Forecast

Month & Year WOO Price Forecast
September 2022 $0.19
October 2022 $0.29
September 2022 $0.32
December 2022 $0.34
January 2023 $0.37
February 2023 $0.27
April 2023 $0.32
April 2023 $0.35
May 2023 $0.42
June 2023 $0.43
September 2023 $0.47
December 2023 $0.50
April 2024 $0.48
July 2024 $0.56
October 2024 $0.52
January 2025 $0.57
February 2025 $1.26
April 2025 $1.29
April 2025 $1.42
May 2025 $1.44
June 2025 $1.48
July 2025 $1.65
July 2025 $1.92
September 2025 $1.75
October 2025 US$ 1.71
October 2025 $2.00
December 2025 $2.06
January 2030 $4.43
April 2030 $4.70
May 2030 $5.28
July 2030 $4.86
September 2030 $5.60
December 2030 $5.81

Wootrade Overview

Project name Wootrade
Ticker symbol Woo
Total supply 3,000,000,000
Official website
Based on substitution
Launch year 2019
Supported chain all
Exchange platform Huobi Global, Gate, Uniswap, Bancor Network, MDEX, AscendEX, CoinEx, Bitmart, Dodo, Sushiswap
wallet Metamask

Woo IEO Overview

Platform used Gate, MXC, Bitmart, Hoo
Generated by $10 million USD
Date of the ICO 29th October 2020
ICO Price $0.03 USD
partner Fenbushi Capital, Genesis Block, IOSG Venture, Three Arrows Capital, AKG Venture, SNZ, Hashkey.

Woo Token Price Prediction

Woo Token is the main and utility token of the Wootrade Exchange platform. Woo will be distributed as a reward for liquidity providers who will improve the price and spreads. The rewards system will be beneficial to allow trading at zero commissions while maintaining the best execution price globally. Woo Token initially distributed via the initial exchange offer on the best trading platforms such as Gate, MXC and others. The price of woo coin during IEO was $0.03 and at the time of writing it has already gained more than 15 times in less than a year. The volume of the Woo market has seen tremendous growth in recent times that has helped project into the upper picture of the crypto platform.


Developer WooTrade was started in 2019 by Kronos Research which also provided liquidity at launch. At the time of development, Kronos was generating a monthly trading volume of more than $45 billion. in 2020 as a result of the initial exchange WooTrade began to provide its services with different modes of exchange. Wootrade is currently among the top 200 crypto projects by market cap volume and generates a volume of over $150 million every day. at the time of writing wootrade completing more than 100k transactions per day and the number grows, as more users join the platform. Wootrade’s parent company also provides the largest liquidity of the largest cryptocurrency exchange that includes Binance, OKEx, and Huobi, as they have great experience working on the exchange.

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