SolRazr (SOLR) price forecast 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

SolRazr is all in one decentralized platform built on the Solana ecosystem that will act as a springboard, accelerator, cross-chain pool, and also provide development tools. SolRazr said it is an ecosystem of developers with all the possible services to launch a project based on the Solana network. The platform understood the problem in the current token initially offered and decided to replace it with a more user-friendly and reliable ecosystem.

SolRazr will introduce negotiable allocation, where the whitelisting and allocation process will be created using the power of Solana network-based NFTs. The accelerator function will be dedicated to the incubation of the project together with the integrated ready-to-use strategy with instant launch option. The development tools will provide a complete suite to improve the speed of development of decentralized Applications based on Solana. Cross-chain pools will give you access to invest in different growth projects from another support network.

SolRazr IDO launchpad will also follow the system of fixed allocation levels following the weight rule. There are four levels that name seed, sapling, tree and mighty oak as the more you hold tokens the more allocation weight it will be. the user must hold a minimum of 500 tokens to ensure the allocation of upcoming projects.

SolRazr Price Prediction

Month & Year Solr Price Forecast
September 2022 $0.06
October 2022 $0.09
September 2022 $0.10
December 2022 $0.11
January 2023 $0.12
February 2023 $0.09
April 2023 $0.10
April 2023 $0.12
May 2023 $0.14
June 2023 $0.14
September 2023 $0.15
December 2023 $0.16
April 2024 $0.16
July 2024 $0.18
October 2024 $0.17
January 2025 $0.19
February 2025 $0.41
April 2025 $0.42
April 2025 $0.46
May 2025 $0.47
June 2025 $0.48
July 2025 $0.54
July 2025 $0.62
September 2025 $0.57
October 2025 $0.56
October 2025 $0.65
December 2025 $0.67
January 2030 $1.44
April 2030 $1.53
May 2030 $1.72
July 2030 $1.58
September 2030 $1.82
December 2030 $1.89

SolRazr Overview

Project name SolRazr
Ticker symbol SOLR •
Total supply 100,000,000
Official website
Based on IDO Launchpad |
Launch year 2021
Supported chain Solana
Exchange platform Kucoin, Radio
wallet Ghost, Sollet

SOLR price analysis

The SOLR token is a standard SLP token built on the Solana Blockchain. The SOLR coin is intended to be the main utility token of the SolRazr platform, which is nothing more than an indirect ticket to access different features. The user who holds 500 tokens can win about $5000 in value allocation on the next project. the betting program is active, in which the token holder gets a fixed ROI set by the platform. future development changes and other decisions also depend on the token holder. SOLR reaches $78 all-time record after listing, which means it increases about 200 times from the IDO price. At the time of writing, SOLR is trading at a 10x price from IDO and should set the resistance at $3 USD.

SOLR ICO Overview

Generated by $100K USD
Date of the ICO 6th September 2021
ICO Price $0.30 USD
partner SuperTeamDao, Ascensive Assets, Moonrock Capital, Divergence, CMS, Morningstar ventures, geneblock capital, BGV, ZBS capital, Panony, STL.

frequently asked questions

Will SOLR reach $10?

Following IDO as per the CMC SOLR price chart touched $78 USD and is currently trading on average $3.5 USD.

Is SolRazr a good investment?

Holding the SolRazr token will be the ticket to the next solana-based project, which may have a different potential return on investment.


In the growing space of the Solana ecosystem that aims at transaction performance, security and cost more projects by choosing the Solana network on Ethereum and other rivals. Solana is now a new hub for launching NFT, games and other DeFi concepts and these project founders are looking for a reliable and fair platform to launch their project. SolRazr from IDO forms a large community together with a good enterprise and industrial partner. SolRazr is writing the 2nd largest IDO launchpad in the Solana ecosystem and giving stiff competition to the Solanium.

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