Withdrawal on eToro: how to check its status

After making a withdrawal, eToro will process it within the specified time. You can monitor the processing yourself on your eToro account dashboard. The following are the actions to perform.

Step 1: Navigate to the directory

  • Select the Portfolio tab on the left side of the interface.
  • Click the clock icon with the arrow labeled History.
  • Scroll down and select Net Cash Flows.
  • A list of your deposit/withdrawal orders will now appear.

Step 2: View the status of the withdrawal order in your eToro account.

The interface will display the history of deposits/withdrawals made. Click on the withdrawal order to check.

Withdrawal orders have three levels of processing:

  • First blue level: eToro accepts withdrawal orders. At this stage, you can cancel the withdrawal order yourself. To cancel your order, click Cancel. Funds and fees will be refunded 100% to the available balance of your eToro account.
  • 2nd blue level: eToro is processing withdrawals. So you cannot cancel the withdrawal order.
  • 3rd Blue Level: Completed, and eToro sent funds to your account.

In addition to the status of the withdrawal order, you can also view other information such as withdrawal ID, method of receiving money, fees, etc.

Usually, you will receive your funds in a few days. However, it may take up to 10 business days, depending on the payment method used:

Payment method It takes time to receive funds
Credit/debit card Up to 10 working days
bank transfer Up to 10 working days
PayPal Up to 2 working days
Neteller Up to 2 working days
Skrill Up to 2 working days
Trustworthily Up to 2 working days
ideal Up to 2 working days

eToro is increasingly updating the experience for investors. By monitoring the status of your withdrawal order, you can proactively plan your investment. If you have not received the money within the specified time, please contact eToro Support immediately.

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