Withdraw from Exness: here’s how

Exness is a reliable broker with many outstanding advantages such as low spreads, several trading accounts and effective customer support. In addition, the speed of deposit and withdrawal on Exness is also a considerable advantage over other brokers. You can choose the payment method to make withdrawals in the Exness Personal Area. The specific steps are as follows:

How to withdraw money from Exness

Step 1. Sign in to Exness

Go to the Exness home page, then hit the Sign In button.

Step 2. Choose a withdrawal method from Exness

In the Withdrawal section, choose the payment method you want.

Step 3. Select the trading account and the amount you wish to withdraw

Select the MT4/MT5 account you want to withdraw, enter the amount, then click “Next”.

A summary of the transaction is displayed. Enter the verification code that was sent to you by email or SMS, depending on the type of security in your Members Area. Then click “Confirm”.

Note: The withdrawal amount you enter must always be in the currency of your account.

Step 4. Enter your Exness withdrawal account information

If you make the withdrawal at the Online Banking, you must select the bank from the appropriate list. Next, enter the account number and name of the account holder and tap “Confirm”.

Then you have completed the steps to withdraw money from the Exness broker. After receiving the Exness notification “Your money is coming”, you will receive the funds to your bank account a few minutes later.

Things to keep in mind about withdrawals

You can withdraw funds from your account on Withdrawals in your Members Area at any time. However, please note the following rules:

  • Deposit in any form, withdraw in that form. This is a regulation applied by most Forex brokers to enforce anti-money laundering laws.
  • Funds can only be withdrawn to the personal account of the registered Exness account holder; This is to ensure financial security and prevent money laundering.
  • If you deposit into your Exness account using various methods, the amount must be withdrawn in proportion to the amount deposited. For example, you deposit 1,000 USD to your trading account, of which 700 USD is deposited with Visa/Master card and 300 USD is deposited with Neteller. After trading, you earn $500, then your available balance will be $1,500. When you withdraw, you will only be allowed to withdraw 70% of the total amount available ($1,050 respectively) with Visa/Master card and 30% ($450 respectively) with Neteller.
  • The amount you can withdraw is no higher than the available margin of the trading account displayed in your Members Area.
  • With some forms, you won’t be able to withdraw funds without completing account verification. Therefore, make sure that your trading account is verified to be able to withdraw money and ensure the security of your account.

If you have difficulty withdrawing from Exness, please get in touch with the Exness support team and provide the required proof.

Frequently asked questions

1. Withdrawal fee

Exness does not charge withdrawal fees. Third parties (payment gateways you use to deposit and withdraw to Exness) charge the fees that appear when you deposit and withdraw.

2. Withdrawal processing time

Exness has a 24/7 automatic payment system, not a manual review like many other brokers. As a result, most withdrawals via electronic payment methods are processed instantly, within seconds (up to 24 hours).

If the above withdrawal period has passed and you have not received your funds, please feel free to contact Exness Support to resolve the issue.

3. How much is the minimum Withdrawal of Exness?

Depending on the type of account, there will be a minimum limit to the withdrawal amount. Specifically:

Payment Methods Minimum withdrawal amount velocity
Internet Banking $15 within 3 hours
Credit card $3 up to 72 hours
Neteller $4 moment
Skrill $10 moment
Bitcoin $10 up to 72 hours
halter $100 up to 72 hours

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