Will Gala reach $50?

We believe Gala has taken the right steps to build a lasting game model that relies more on player engagement than reward. However, tokens will continue to increase demand if games take off.

Gala will reach $ 5: when and how can Gala reach $ 5?

To reach $5, Gala will have to increase 100 times. This is neither unheard of nor unrealistic if Gala can convince customers to engage and spend more time on gaming (beyond the reward).

At 100 times the current price, Gala’s market cap would be $35 billion, which isn’t really such an unrealistic prediction.

If Gala were to grow to an aggressive 50%, it would reach $50 in 17 years. These kinds of long-term forecasts are highly unreliable. If 50% of tokens are supposed to be burned, Gala could perhaps reach these levels within a decade.

In the end, it would depend on how well the acquired Games will deliver results. The high engagement and usage of tokens could push Gala to $5 very quickly.

Will Gala reach $50?

Gala will only reach $50 if gala games increase in awareness, engagement, and loyalty. At the moment, these metrics aren’t great, but they could improve with the recent acquisition. Second, even though the games work well, how users buy and sell NFTs in-game using Gala tokens would be the second metric to monitor. If both of these metrics were to increase significantly in the coming months, $50 would be quite realistic over the next 10 years.

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