What to write in the dry coupon lease?

Dry coupon renting is an increasingly common type of rental in Italy. Thanks to this contract form, both the landlord and the tenant can enjoy tax advantages and greater guarantees. However, for the dry coupon lease agreement to be valid and complete, it is essential to include certain specific elements and clauses. Let’s find out together what can’t be missing in a contract of this type

Introduction to dry coupon leasing

The dry coupon lease represents a form of rental contract that provides for the application of subsidized taxation on the rent. This type of lease is particularly beneficial for both landlords and tenants, as it offers greater tax certainty and simplifies tax payment procedures. In addition, the dry coupon regime provides for an important bureaucratic simplification, eliminating the need to submit the tax return and to make any subsequent adjustments. To take advantage of this subsidized tax regime, it is essential that the lease agreement contains certain essential elements and specific clauses, in order to ensure the correct application of the dry coupon

The essential elements to include in the lease agreement

For a dry coupon lease to be valid and complete, it is important that it contains some essential elements. First, the identification data of the parties involved, namely the landlord and the tenant, must be specified in a clear and detailed manner. In addition, it is essential to indicate the property covered by the contract, specifying the full address and the related characteristics. Another element to include is the duration of the contract, with the precise indication of the start and end date. Finally, it is essential to specify the rent and the payment methods, as well as any ancillary expenses borne by the tenant. All these elements contribute to ensuring the transparency and correctness of the lease agreement

The specific terms for renting with a dry coupon

In addition to the essential elements, a dry coupon lease agreement should also contain some specific clauses. One of these concerns the duration of the contract, which can be freely established by the parties, but which, in the case of a dry coupon, must be at least four years. In addition, it is possible to insert a clause that provides for the possibility of early termination of the contract in certain circumstances, such as the sale of the property or the change of destination of use. It is also important to specify the methods for revising the rent and any adjustment clauses to adapt to changes in the ISTAT index. The presence of these specific clauses helps to precisely define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the dry coupon lease

Rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant when renting with a dry coupon

In the dry coupon lease, both the landlord and the tenant have specific rights and obligations. The landlord has the right to receive the agreed rent on time, without the need to request a tax return from the tenant. In addition, it has the duty to guarantee the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the property and to carry out the necessary extraordinary maintenance. On the other hand, the tenant has the right to use the property in accordance with the contractual provisions, to receive the relevant lease agreement and to obtain reimbursement of the expenses incurred for routine maintenance. It is his duty to comply with the rules of cohabitation, pay the rent on the agreed terms and keep the property in
its original condition.

How to draw up the dry coupon lease agreement correctly

To correctly draw up a dry coupon lease agreement, it is advisable to follow some basic steps. First, it is important to use clear and understandable language, avoiding technical and ambiguous terms. In addition, you must enter all the essential elements, such as the details of the parties, the description of the property, the term of the contract and the rent. It is also advisable to include specific clauses that govern aspects such as early termination, the revision of the fee and the adjustment to changes in the ISTAT index. Finally, it is advisable to have the contract reviewed by a professional in the sector, such as a lawyer or a notary, to ensure its correctness and
legal validity.

In conclusion, drafting a lease agreement with a dry coupon requires attention and care in choosing the elements and clauses to be included. This type of contract offers tax advantages and greater guarantees for both the landlord and the tenant. By following the correct guidelines, it is possible to ensure a stable and transparent lease for both parties involved

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