What awards do the most deserving public employees get

Public employees who stand out for their merit and expertise can obtain different forms of awards. The new directive on performance and merit in public administrations emphasizes that, by increasing their skills through training, civil servants may be entitled to professional awards and economic incentives. In this article, we explore what awards deserving government employees can receive and what the new directive provides in terms of

Awards for deserving public employees

The new directive, signed by the Minister for Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo on 28 November 2023, introduces new criteria for evaluating the performance and merit of civil servants. Those who are positively evaluated as “best performer” are entitled to various economic awards and more.

What awards do deserving public employees get

Public employees evaluated positively for competence and merit can obtain different types of awards, including:

  1. Economic incentives:
    • Provision of ancillary treatment in line with the provisions of trade union agreements and their specific CCNL.
    • Incentive and rewarding mechanisms activated following the measurement and evaluation of individual performance, with economic rewards on salary.
  2. Non-economic awards:
    • Continuing training programs thanks to specific courses aimed at employees.
    • Individual coaching and mentoring activities, high-quality training courses aimed at professional development and growth.
    • Reputational awards within the organization, such as the title of ‘best employee of the month’.
    • Role of internal trainers for “best performers”.

Who are the deserving civil servants

Deserving public employees are those who excel in various aspects of their work performance:

  • Achieving objectives: employees who excellently achieve their assigned objectives, contributing significantly to the organization’s mission.
  • Competencies and abilities: employees with high professional competencies and abilities that improve the overall performance of the organization.
  • Innovation and creativity: those who propose innovative ideas or creative solutions that improve internal processes or the services offered.
  • Continuous training: employees who show a constant commitment to improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Cooperation and team spirit: those who work well as a team and contribute to a positive work environment.
  • Responsibility and dedication: employees who demonstrate a strong work ethic, taking responsibility and showing dedication.

News award objectives in the payroll, the Court of Auditors rejects them

On 20 May 2024, with resolution no. 62/2024/G, the Court of Auditors highlighted the unsatisfactory results of the “objective award for PA employees”, as currently regulated. The accounting judges emphasized the absence of homogeneous parameters, suggesting the need for more effective reward mechanisms and objectives that can be monitored with the involvement of external users in the evaluation process

Other help and updates

Among the various active grants for PA employees in 2024, we highlight the civil servant bonus and the one-off for healthcare personnel. It might also be interesting to learn more about the increase in salaries for state employees up to 190 euros, and the increases in the payroll since 2024

Awards for deserving civil servants are an important incentive to improve performance and merit within public administrations. The new directive aims to create a work environment that values skills and commitment, promoting continuous training and innovation

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