Lombardy continuing education: 2024 call, voucher and application

The Lombardy region’s 2024 Continuing Education call offers vouchers for the training and updating of workers. This is a valuable opportunity for companies that want to improve the skills of their staff. This guide explains in detail what the voucher consists of, who can request it, how it works and how
to apply.

What is the Continuing Education voucher

The Continuing Education vouchers of the Lombardy region are financial aid intended for employers for the training of their employees.

Each voucher has a maximum value of 2,000 euros and can be used for one or more training courses. Companies can obtain up to 50,000 euros per year to cover training costs.

Purpose of the call

The objective of the call is to promote the development of human capital in Lombard companies, improving the skills and competitiveness of staff. The Lombardy region, in collaboration with Union Camere, has allocated 12 million euros for this initiative

Requirements for participation

Companies must meet the following requirements to participate in the call:

  • Be registered with the competent Chamber of Commerce.
  • Have operational headquarters in Lombardy.
  • Be in good standing with social security and welfare contributions (DURC).
  • Do not be subject to insolvency proceedings.
  • Not having received unreimbursed state aid.

Family businesses, third sector entities, self-employed workers, freelancers and sole proprietorships are also allowed.

Beneficiary workers

The vouchers are intended for employees of the requesting companies, including those who benefit from wage supplementation treatments. Worker members of cooperatives and assistants of family businesses are also allowed. Workers with intermittent contracts, trainees, workers with management contracts and apprentices are excluded.

Types of courses that can be financed

The vouchers can be used for business training courses included in the Regional Catalogue of Continuing Education, which includes training offers approved by the Lombardy region. Courses can also be delivered remotely (FAD) for a maximum of 100% of the scheduled hours.

How to submit the application

Applications must be submitted online through the Bandi Online platform of the Lombardy region, using the SPID, CNS or CIE credentials. The payment of stamp duty of 16 euros is required. The application must include:

  • Funding application template.
  • Statements regarding State aid.
  • Assignment for digital subscription and electronic presentation.


Applications can be submitted until November 28, 2024. It is advisable to submit your application at least 7 days before the start of the training course.

Amount of vouchers

The vouchers have a maximum value of 2,000 euros per worker and can cover:

  • Up to 2,000 euros for training courses with EQF skills between 6 and 8.
  • Up to 1,500 euros for EQF skills between 4 and 5.
  • Up to 800 euros for EQF 3 skills.

The maximum annual limit for each company is 50,000 euros.

Disbursement of the contribution

The contribution is paid at the end of the course and only for workers who have completed at least 75% of the scheduled hours. The disbursement takes place in a single solution after the validation of the liquidation request

Demand support

For assistance, companies can use the chatbot “Dario your digital assistant” on the Bandi Online platform, or send an email to [email protected]. For technical issues, you can contact the toll-free number 800.131.151

Revocation of the contribution

The contribution may be revoked if the obligations of the announcement are not complied with or if false statements are detected. In the event of a revocation, the Lombardy region will proceed to recover the sums
wrongly received.

The 2024 Continuing Education call represents a significant opportunity for Lombard companies to invest in the training of their employees. Participating in the call can help improve staff skills and increase the company’s competitiveness. For more information, you can consult the full announcement available on the Lombardy region’s website.

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