Walk more on Sweatcoin to activate the account: how to fix the error

How to Fix “Error: Walk a little more on Sweatcoin to activate the account”

  • Walk for 10 minutes (while the Sweatcoin app is running in the background).
  • Wait up to 24 hours.
  • Send an email [email protected] and tell them the brand of the phone, the version and your Sweatcoin email.

Before you can access Sweat Wallet, you have to walk for 10 minutes while the Sweatcoin app is running in the background.

To do this, you need to allow the Sweatcoin app to access “Motion & Fitness”.

You can do this by opening the Settings app > Sweatcoin > Motion & Fitness > Enable.

I personally encountered the “Walk a little more” error when I’m trying to access Sweat Wallet for the first time.

The error occurred when I tapped “Log in to your Sweat Wallet” in the welcome email.

I managed to fix the forced error by closing Sweat Wallet, walking for 10 minutes and tapping on “Log in to your Sweat Wallet”.

In some cases, you just have to wait a while before trying to log in.

If you can’t log in even after waiting 24 hours, you need to contact the Sweatcoin team for help.

To do this, go to and click “Send a request”.

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