DeGEM price forecast 2022

DeGEM Price Prediction: Some Facts

  • DeGEM was launched on September 24, 2022.
  • It is a Play to Earn platform based on a gem hunting game where players can earn rewards and follow other play-to-earn games that would eventually also include NFT.
  • It is an ERC-20 token
  • It has a built-in burn with a 3% buy and sell fee.
  • Portfolio ownership is limited to 1% of the supply
  • The ticker symbol of DeGEM is DGM.

  • DGM was launched at a value of $4.32.
  • DGM is not a stablecoin and has a limited supply of 80.08K.
  • DGM Coin cannot be mined.

DGM Price Forecast: Market Capitalization

Current market capitalization ranking: 3753
Total Market Cap: $259,225
Total Trading Volume: $89K

DGM Price Prediction 2022 ($)

10% 20% 30% 50%
Oct-22 3.29 am 3.59 am 3.89 am 4,485
Nov-22 3.62 am 4.31 am 05.05 am 6,728
Dec-22 3.98 am 5.17 am 6.57 am 10,091 am

The price forecast is based on the increase from the current price of DeGEM and is subject to change with an increase or decrease in the price of DeGEM. All of the above prices are in US dollars.

DeGEM Price Prediction 2023 ($)

20% 50%
Jan 23 6.20am 3,137 pm
Feb-23 7.44am 22,705 pm
Mar-23 8.93 am 34,058 am
Apr-23 10.71am 51,087
May-23 12.86 pm 76,630
Jun-23 3.43 pm 114,946
Jul-23 6.51 pm 172,418
Aug-23 10.22 pm 258,628
Sep-23 4.66 pm 387,942
Oct-23 31.99am 581,912
Nov-23 38.39am 872,868
Dec-23 07.46 am 1309,303

DGM Price Prediction: Conclusion

DeGEM is one of the new tokens and much less information regarding the project is publicly available However, immediately after launch, DeGEM increased but soon froze.

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