View multiple charts at once on eToro: here’s how

To enhance the trading experience, eToro provides its clients with several useful tools such as ProCharts, allowing them to view multiple charts simultaneously on a single screen.

In its essence, ProCharts is a comparative tool for technical analysis. It allows traders to view multiple instruments at once or the same instrument with various parameters (such as different time frames), providing traders with a complete picture for analysis.

So, how to best use this tool? Let’s find out in this guide below.

1 After logging into the eToro account, open the chart of the assets you want to compare. Click the settings wheel in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select “Start ProCharts”.

2 The most significant addition this toolset brings is the use of multiple charts, which means you can customize the chart display by using various layouts to present multiple charts at once. Select one of the available layouts you want.

3 Once you set up a layout, each chart behaves like the standard chart and you can use it however you like: change the time frames, add technical analysis studies or compare it with other markets or investors.

To add or edit a chart, select it and look for another symbol or username.

Charts from different tools will appear on a screen like this.

4 If you want to view the same market with different time frames, check the box “One symbol for all charts” under the layout icon and the selected chart tool will be assigned to all charts.

5 No matter where you launched ProCharts, you can always upload the most recently used layout, including the symbols, investors, drawings, or studies you’ve had on your workspace. If you want to save a specific layout so that you can use it again, click “Save Layout”, name it and it will be ready for you until you delete it.

ProCharts was created to meet the needs of traders on eToro. This easy-to-use toolset (currently in Beta) is a new way to stay up to date with your favorite tools and perform in-depth technical analysis of your trading markets. Happy trading!

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