Add drawing tools and technical indicators to the eToro chart

The eToro platform provides various indicators and charting tools that traders can use to make informed decisions and trade successfully.

These are grouped into Tools (drawing tools) and Studies (technical analysis indicators). In particular, eToro offers a total of 13 drawing tools and more than 60 technical analysis indicators.

1 To add these tools to the eToro chart, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Arabic numeral Select one or more instruments on the Instruments, Studies I, and Studies II tabs.

Below is an illustration of a chart that uses Channel’s moving average and drawing tool.

Note: To remove any indicators, move the mouse pointer over the indicator, and then right-click it.

You now have charting tools within the eToro chart. There’s also a handy comparison tool you can use to compare two or more resources.

After adding the chart tools, they are automatically saved in the chart, so you don’t have to waste time setting your indicators over and over again.

To determine which tools are right for you, experiment with these charting tools and test their efficiency by opening your virtual account with eToro.

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