Transport Bonus and 730 2024 Model: Deduction Guide

2024 introduces important news for taxpayers who have incurred expenses for public transport subscriptions. Those who took advantage of the transport bonus in 2023 will have the opportunity to deduct the excess amount covered by the bonus in their 2024 730 model. Let’s find out how to maximize tax recovery for mobility expenses incurred

How the Deduction Works

Taxpayers who have benefited from the transport bonus and have incurred additional expenses for the subscription to local, regional and interregional public transport, can enjoy a 19% personal income tax deduction on these excess expenses, up to a maximum of 250 euros.

Here’s a practical example: if you spent 300 euros on a public transport subscription in 2023 and received a transport bonus of 60 euros, you can calculate the deduction on the remaining 240 euros, thus obtaining a tax savings of 45.60 euros.

Deduction Requirements

  • The subscription cost must have been incurred in 2023;
  • The deduction is due to taxpayers with an ISEE of up to 120,000 euros, decreasing until it is canceled for a total income of 240,000 euros.

Insertion in Model 730

To benefit from the deduction:

  • Pre-filled 730 model: the Revenue Agency will automatically enter the deductions due. For more details, see the guide dedicated to the 2024 pre-filled tax return
  • .

  • Ordinary 730 model: enter the deductible expenses in the appropriate sections (line E8 – E10). For assistance, we refer you to our complete guide to the 730 2024 model.
  • Personal Income Model (formerly Unique): expenses must be indicated in lines from RP8 to RP13.

Traceability of Expenses

The deduction is allowed only for expenses paid through traceable payment methods, such as bank or postal transfer. You must prove the expense through appropriate documentation.

Other Useful Information

The transport bonus, not renewed in 2024, represents an important help for citizens who have invested in public transport subscriptions. For more details on how to optimize the deductions available in your 2024 730 model and to learn more about the tax aid for the current year, we recommend that you consult our guide to 730 2024 model bonuses and the related regulatory references

Regulatory References and Additional Resources

For a complete understanding of the regulations and deduction opportunities, consult the Consolidated Text on Income Taxes and learn more through our guides dedicated to the pre-filled and simplified 2024 tax return. These resources will provide you with all the information you need to confidently navigate the 2024 tax changes and make the most of the available bonuses

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