TradingView Password: How to Reset It

Passwords are one of the personal account security measures of any platform. If you forget your TradingView account password, you may have difficulty accessing your account. Forgot TradingView Password and How to Fix It? The following article guides users to overcome when they forget their TradingView account password and how to reset or change their account password.

Some Tips for Using TradingView Passwords

The TradingView account password is one of the essential steps to protect user accounts.

However, not everyone understands the basic principles when setting up a password for a TradingView account. There are some tips to help users protect TradingView passwords as follows:

  • Do not use a TradingView password that matches the password of other websites or applications. If a user uses the same password for many different platforms and applications, all other accounts are easily compromised when they reveal the password on a website. To ensure the security of TradingView accounts, users must use a separate password for this platform.
  • Users must use a hard-to-guess password, which can be longer than 12 characters, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.
  • Change the password as soon as it is detected or suspected when the account has access by strangers.
  • Do not use your TradingView account login details to use other 3rd party services or platforms.
  • Go to the correct URL and the correct TradingView app to avoid account theft. Download the TradingView app on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Fix the forgotten password error from TradingView.

Users can apply some remedies when they forget their TradingView password as follows:

  • Go to Settings on a web browser, select AutoFill, then choose to view TradingView passwords. If the user uses the password saving feature, the user can easily find the password here.
  • If users cannot find the password in the way given above, the user clicks the I forgot password button or cannot log in in the login window.

Enter the email/username or phone number you used to access your account. Click the I’m not a robot box. Then select Search.

Choose how to receive the password reset link by email or phone number and click Send.

Users must perform operations on the computer to ensure that no errors are made. After TradingView has sent back the new password, log in to the account again and change the password according to the security guidelines.

How to Change Your Password on TradingView

Users can easily change the password of their TradingView account after logging in. Proceed as follows:

Click on the control panel and select Profile Settings.

On the Settings tab, select Change Password and click Send Link.


The forgotten TradingView password is an error that can happen to anyone. However, the fix is quite simple. After resetting or changing your TradingView account password, your TradingView account is disconnected everywhere. Therefore, users need to log back into their TradingView account on the devices. If, after following the instructions above, you are still unable to recover your password or change your password, please contact TradingView Support.

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